Intelligent Energy Insight

Provide your customers with a self-service tool that makes it possible for them to monitor and control their energy usage. Support your customers’ sustainability efforts through a user-friendly interface with gamified features.

Consumers can view the analyzed data from smart meters from their dashboards.

By analyzing historical data and energy profiles the app can provide consumers with an accurate forecast of their annual usage.

Categorize users with automatic tagging based on energy consumption. This allows your customers to compare their usage to their peers.

Consumers get push notifications regarding their usage through the app.

Key Solution Capabilities

  • Optimize Balance Management

    Aggregate historic consumption data for predicting energy supply needs with an increased level of confidence.

  • Empower Your Customers

    Customers gain transparency and control through the self-service features of an app. This engagement leads to customer loyalty and also reduces the impact on customer service interactions.

  • Self-Service

    By combining new insights with self-service elements in an app, customers have the opportunity to access the information they need before they call in to your contact centre.

Use Case

Intelligent Services for 2 Million Users

By creating a single source of truth, Eneco customers now have a unified view of their energy consumption through both the Eneco app and online.

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