How Love’s Travel Stops and Titan Consulting are Accelerating App Development with SAP and Mendix

With over 26,000 employees and a range of services across the United States like truck maintenance and hospitality, the Love’s Travel Stops IT team faced challenges in building applications that met their broad spectrum of use cases. They had access to highly skilled .NET, SAP, and Salesforce developers, but it was difficulty to overcome siloed environments and deliver user-friendly applications into market quickly. Learn how Love’s Travel Stops overcame these challenges by using Mendix. In this session with Love’s Senior Manager of Business Systems, Daniel Parkhurst, and Senior Manager of Enterprise Applications, Vijay Ponnavolu, share how they:

  • found the right partner in Mendix to layer with SAP and scale up app development
  • worked with Mendix to cut development time down from months to weeks, iterate more quickly, and supplement their SAP ERP development experience
  • built a variety of applications that manage operations like real estate mapping and customer rewards programs