Make it Happen: A Scalable Architecture Serving Over 650,000 Citizens with the City of Rotterdam

As the 13th largest city in the European Union, the City of Rotterdam is home to the continent’s largest seaport and over 650,000 residents. With a vast network and strict legal and security standards, building applications quickly was a persistent pain point for the City. Additionally, the applications being built presented integration challenges concerning usage of the main data sources. Nearly three years ago the City’s IT team adopted low-code development to bring business and IT teams closer together, and have since created over 60 applications. In this session, Solution Architect for the City of Rotterdam, Leon Schipper, speaks to how the team is:

  • Currently in production with an additional 20 applications to improve employee, citizen, and partner experience.
  • Leveraging Mendix for more quick and secure data integration
  • Participating in complex pilot programs as they are now able to adhere to specific design and architecture requirements.