Makers assemble with Marketplace

As a software engineering leader, you’re not only responsible for digital transformation, but consistent acceleration. This includes empowering citizen developers to co-create alongside traditional developers to deliver the software and products that underpin digital transformation and enable business units, functions, and teams to improve productivity and customer experience. To do this, you need to have assurance outside of the development platform itself – governance, productivity, and data security must remain prevalent in other aspects including the Marketplace. Join Shashank Pande, Senior Product Manager, as he discusses how the Mendix Marketplace helps organizations support, manage, and empower citizen and pro developers, starting with the selection, standardization, and assembly of components and services that they use in creating real business impact. In this session, Shashank will cover how an intuitive find, try, and buy experience enhanced by smart matchmaking features with an added level of control offers governance, boosts productivity, and alleviates data security concerns in your transformation journey.