Mercury Systems’ DevSecOps Initiative: Creating a Cloud-Native App Landscape While Leveraging CAD and CAE Investments

Mercury Systems is responsible for providing mission-critical technologies such as radar and mission computing to the aerospace and defense industry. As the needs of Mercury Systems’ customers have evolved, there has been a growing need for a digital thread to unify disparate systems while adhering to strict security standards. Mercury Systems adopted low-code to serve a multitude of purposes in their DevSecOps initiative, such as supporting a cloud-native environment, having robust security and governance features, and the ability for CAD visualization via Mendix Data Hub. In this video, hear from Director of Application Engineering, Anu Mishra, and Consultant, Harish Ramachandran, on how Mercury Systems:

  • Leverages Mendix in tandem with an on-premises Kubernetes cluster, and their overall approach to enterprise architecture.
  • Approaches their app development journey through a start, structure, and scale lens with a DevSecOps philosophy at the forefront.
  • Plans for future innovation with initiatives around IoT and machine learning, automated testing, and further CAD visualization.