Mobile Supplier Portal Increasing Supply Chain Visibility with Secrid and Appronto

Dutch wallet maker Secrid has grown from a retail startup to a global, multi-million dollar company since its founding in 1995. With this growth, the company now works with over 50 suppliers who produce the raw materials for Secrid’s signature wallets. Working with this many local suppliers is integral to the company’s values, but presented challenges managing product quality and financial forecasting. Secrid, in partnership with Appronto, set out to make a mobile supplier portal. Hear from Secrid’s ICT Product Owner, Thomas Boogert, on how Secrid was able to:

  • Fully integrate the application with NetSuite to connect their e-commerce, payment, production, and warehousing operations.
  • Provide a single source of truth for suppliers, who are now able to easily and continuously share information with Secrid.
  • Prepare their business for the next stage of growth and what their future application roadmap holds as they expand.