Rebuilding a Secure and Transparent Customer Quote Solution with ZMac and Impact

Logistics provider ZMac specializes in the transport of oversized freight and is on a mission to deliver greater transparency and accuracy to their customers. Their team set out to build ZRate, an application to generate customer quotes, however the use of several different code bases and manual deployments led to challenges scaling and improving the application over time. With fewer quotes generated than expected, ZMac looked to partner Impact to revamp the solution with a low-code replacement. In this session, hear from Impact and ZMac on how they were able to:

  • Untangle over 50,000 lines of code and complex APIs to translate ZRate into a low-code application in just 5 months.
  • Ensure greater security of customer information and business continuity by leveraging Mendix Cloud.
  • Revamp ZRate, which has since processed over 58,000 quotes in approximately six months and put the organization on track to further automate specialized freight shipping.