Since the launch of the MVP program last year, we’ve seen the huge positive impact it’s had on the community and the successes we’ve booked. With our 13 brand new MVPs we embarked on a journey to discover how they could best represent the community, and how Mendix could enable them.

We value the MVPs as an extension of Mendix, and gave them full insight into our roadmap and the vision behind it, through various sessions with our CTO, product managers, and R&D developers. Using their feedback, they have significantly impacted the product roadmap; for example, the Offline Mobile capabilities.

Together with the MVPs we developed a program and approach for the future. This included the creation of multiple sub group that focused on specific topics, like Mobile, Cloud, and Modeler. Each sub group focused on one topic, and defined concrete actions for the MVPs and Mendix. For example, the Modeler sub group focused on beta testing the new Mendix Modeler. They will also be extensively testing Mendix 7 before it is released to the public, as announced by Johan den Haan at Mendix World 2016.

The effort and work done by the MVPs has not gone unnoticed by the community! We received an overwhelming amount of users nominating colleagues, known experts in the community, or even themselves. (Nominate someone for MVP). We have reduced this long list to include the top of the cream of the community. The most active and highest contributing developers.

The current group of MVPs will be joined by six brand new MVPs who did an outstanding job of contributing to the community in the last 6 months.

MVP - David Sanders MVP - Marc Lehane MVP - Marcus Groen
David Sanders Marc Lehane Marcus Groen
MVP - Paul Ketalaars MVP - Ralph Lenssen MVP - Thijs Schoemaker
Paul Ketelaars Ralph Lenssen Thijs Schoemaker


The title of MVP is not something we award easily. If you’d like to become part of this elite group of experts, make sure you run that extra mile for the community and get those nominations!

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Happy contributing!