Building the Future Together: Mendix Ushers in a New Era Where Everyone Can Go Make It

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Building the Future Together: Mendix Ushers in a New Era Where Everyone Can Go Make It

Building the Future Together: Mendix Ushers in a New Era Where Everyone Can Go Make It by Pranshu Tewari

For those of us who channel our expertise on any number of screens and devices, conferences like Mendix World 2019 provide an opportunity to meet face-to-face, celebrate our accomplishments, absorb new information, and take away a jolt of inspiration.

That was certainly true on opening day at the Rotterdam Ahoy conference center, where Mendix’s role as the leader of the low-code application development movement was on full display.

At every turn throughout the vast Rotterdam Ahoy conference center, more than five thousand attendees saw banners plastered with the vivid graphics of Mendix’s newly refreshed “Go Make It” brand. We’ve also redesigned our website, too, highlighting the Spring ’19 Release’s powerful enhancements that give low-code developers a license to innovate.

Brandon Miller, our new creative director, believes these three simple words—“Go Make It”—signal a new era for low-code developers who are now empowered to move beyond thoughts and aspirations to actually create things that make an impact.

To reflect that concept, Brandon installed a number of craft-based maker booths in the exhibit hall. “Personal projects like forging a steel keychain or luggage tag put creative responsibility in your own hands,” said Brandon. “The act of making it yours makes it matter. We all bring something special to the table.”


Go Make It signage


The remarkable Mendix World attendance parallels the exponential growth of the larger Mendix community. “Go Make It” reminds us that low-code is a movement with momentum. Our community of 87,000 developers, customers, and partners keeps growing at an impressive rate. Our customers have built more than 235,000 applications for 25 industries. Four thousand enterprises use Mendix’s platform to build their solutions. We have come so far since the company launched in 2005. Yet, in an important way, this is only the beginning. With the support of Siemens and strategic partnerships with SAP and IBM, the Mendix low-code platform will unleash makers throughout global enterprises.



How will that happen? Let’s take a moment and look back.

In his keynote speech, Derek Roos said the mantra “move fast and break things” made famous by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has outlived its usefulness. Today, the goal is to move fast with stable infrastructure. Derek announced a host of powerful new ways the Mendix Spring ’19 Release supplies the muscle to drive the maker movement. He detailed the three pillars of the Go Make It approach: Make with More, Make it Smart, or Make at Scale.

Our values are reflected in our product strategy. Mendix Spring ’19 Release enables the enterprise to bring new products to market faster, enhance customer experience, and increase operational efficiency.

The act of making it yours makes it matter.

Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro enable an entire organization of developers — from the nontechnical citizen developer to the full-stack coder — to participate in software development. The upgraded powered-up platform dramatically accelerates application development cycles while maintaining the highest standards of security, quality, and governance.

Our customers are makers

The conference featured many customer presentations on the “Go Make It” theme:

  • Enexis Group, one of the leading energy producers in the Netherlands, was able to “Make With More” by deploying Mendix’s App Factory methodology to transform 500 employees into low-code development teams who redesigned the utility firm’s microservices architecture, deploying more than 36 new apps every year.
  • VGZ Cooperative, the second-largest health insurance provider in the Netherlands, embraced “Make It Smart” with its new VGZ Mobile App that enables customers to manage their healthcare decisions quickly and seamlessly while meeting Europe’s strict requirements for digital privacy and security.
  • Canada’s Innovapost, tasked with delivering 8.4 billion parcels and mail to 16 million addresses, showed how a company whose roots stretch back 255 years could “Make It Scale.” They used Mendix’s low-code development platform to modernize their highly available legacy system with GPS-enabled mobile apps for a geographically dispersed workforce.

The Maker Movement: Returning to our roots

As Derek reminded us, Mendix was founded to mend the communication gap between a company’s business domain experts and IT developers. The initial inspiration came from asking “What if?” Derek said, “What if they could speak the same language and collaborate?”

The maker movement asks, “What if?” but doesn’t stop there. As the vivid graphics throughout Mendix World make clear — and as our customers show us with every success — makers also ask, “What now?” and “What Next?”



Check out these maker stories and see how people are changing lives, careers, organizations, and industries. We look forward to hearing what inspirations you’ll take away from the conference and how you’re going to make it matter. Make it new. Make it yours.

Go make it!

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