Arno Burggraaf


Originally from: Breda, The Netherlands

Currently based: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Education: Bachelor’s in Business IT & Management, Avans University of Applied Sciences & Master’s in Business Administration, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Mendix tenure: Joined Mendix in 2017

Arno Burggraaf is the CIO at Mendix and joined the company in 2017. Burggraaf started in the customer success team then moved to IT two years later. Having both customer and IT touchpoints, Burggraaf has been able to learn about customer pain points directly and apply those learnings to the work being done by the IT team in order to best guide customers on their digital transformation journeys.

He has been able to help scale Mendix’s IT, ensuring different types of expertise are represented and that each layer of the end-to-end omnichannel supply chain is supported. The IT teams help to share these best practices using Mendix products showing how to become a data driven and cloud native software company.

Prior to Mendix, Burggraaf was the corporate IT director at UMG. He received his MBA from Erasmus University Rotterdam and Bachelor’s in Business IT & Management from Avans University of Applied Sciences.

When he is not working, Burggraaf is enjoying time off with his wife and sons, playing padel, or surfing.

In their own words

Truly customer driven: I’m proud of Mendix, the innovative products and passionate people who drive this company forward at high speed enabling customers to execute their digital transformation. A big part of why our people are successful is our unique culture, we favor each other’s success and have a lot of fun doing so at the same time.

Sharing best practices: I started at Mendix in the customer success team and then switched to IT in 2019 to help scale our company using our products and best practices. In customer success I met a lot of customers pre- and post-sales sharing our best practices to help them execute their digital transformation journey. In IT we help to improve these best practices showing customers how to become a data driven and cloud native software company.

Shaping the backbone: What motivates me is the opportunity to work with business and IT together to deliver the omnichannel end-to-end backbone scaling the company. It’s an amazing time to be part of this company, I’m proud to work with my team to make that happen.

Growing the team: We’ve added a lot of IT expertise to automate and support all parts of our fast growing business. Like any team, people make the difference, which is certainly the case in IT. All these people complement each other to support all layers in the end-to-end supply chain (data, process, landscape, network), and each and every one of them makes me excited to come to work every day.

Out of Office: When I’m not in the office I’m enjoying time off with my wife and two sons or I’m playing padel or surfing/windsurfing/kitesurfing.