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Mendix was founded with the intent to bridge the gap between business and IT leaders. As businesses try to keep pace with digital advancements, their IT counterparts are struggling to deliver the necessary innovative solutions. Mendix is at the eye of the storm, combining PaaS, mobile, cloud and rapid development, enabling the faster delivery of new applications that solve real business problems.

Our rock-start team is dedicated to radically changing the mindset around development, bringing a new paradigm of development to the masses. Thanks to our rapid growth, our team is expanding across all regions. We need to keep scaling and we’re looking for highly innovative, bright-minded, driven individuals to help us achieve our goals.

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R&D Fedex Day

Work on something you find interesting and ship features that provide immediate value.

“At Mendix, every month we give employees the chance to work on anything they like and deliver it in 24 hours. We call these 24 hour hackathons ‘FedEx days': build it and ship it in one day.”

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