Editions and Pricing

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Start instantly

  • Build Any Multi-Device App
  • 10 Internal Users
    per App
  • No Application Limitations
  • Community Support
  • 1 Environment


at $1,250

per month (billed annually)

  • Build Any Multi-Device App
  • Includes 50 Internal Users
    or 500 External Users
  • No Application Limitations
  • Platform Support
  • Test + Production Environment


at $1,675

per month (billed annually)

  • Build Any Multi-Device App
  • Includes 50 Internal Users
    or 500 External Users
  • No Application Limitations
  • Platinum Support
  • Unlimited Environments
  • Enterprise Options

All editions include

Visual App Development

No Application Limitations

Full Life Cycle Support

Free Developers & Test Users

Unlimited Sandboxes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the free edition?

The free edition includes everything you need to design, build and deploy demos, prototypes or small applications. It includes a deployment environment for each application that provides access to up to 10 internal users. For details see the edition comparison chart.

Is the free edition really free?

When we say free, we mean free. No hidden fees, no commitment, no credit card required. Just sign up and you can get started right away.

How many applications can I build with the free edition?

With the free edition you can create as many applications as you want and deploy them in a production environment. There is one environment available per application and you can build as many applications as you want.

When should I upgrade from the free edition to a commercial edition?

Typically you will upgrade if you need more than 10 internal users or if you need more enterprise-level features and services such as platform support, daily backup of your data and detailed monitoring. Here is a detailed edition comparison chart.

How do I upgrade?

Upgrading is easy – you’ll keep your user account, and of course all the apps that you have already built. Simply contact us to sign-up for one of our other plans and you’ll be up & running in no time.

What’s the definition of an application? How big can it be?

The short answer is: you decide – there are no limitations.
We have heard this from developers across the world. You need to focus on the business need and don’t want to have to work around artificial limitations to make your app fit into some licensing model or risk big upcharges. At Mendix you don’t have any of such limitations. Technically an “App” is the complete application as it is set up and organized in the Mendix App Platform. It can contain any combination of screens, database entities, processes and functional components. We let you decide what you want to include in your app and how big it should be. In practice you’ll typically determine the size of an application based on your use case, desired user experience as well as app design, model complexity and app maintenance considerations.