Unlock the essentials of app development with Mendix Basic

More resources and control in a cost-efficient package. Starting at $60 per month.

Key features

  • a

    99.5% availability

    Say goodbye to sleep mode👋! Keep your app accessible with our 99.5% availability guarantee.

  • chat

    9-5 Support

    Answers to all your questions from our support team.

  • gears

    Additional features

    Extras like: metrics, alerts, log levels, custom domains, scheduled events and more.


Simple and transparent user-based pricing

Mendix Basic is a brand new pricing package. Get premium features at a lower entry point, starting at $12 per user, per month.

Build, test, and deploy best-in-class apps to different environments in Mendix Cloud. With continuous availability, never worry about sleep mode again.

Stuck? Mendix support is available to answer your questions.


Extended functionality

Take advantage of extra features that bring your app to the next level. Access metrics to monitor ongoing trends with your app, oversee running requests, and survey how many non-perishable objects currently live in the object cache by user session. Keep an eye on health and status with alerts across different parts of the app infrastructure, and view daily and archived logs. Perform automatic daily backups of your database along with incremental file backups, add custom domains to your environments, and schedule events.



Mendix offers you the ability to grow and change according to your needs. Scale vertically by adding memory to the application container, or run your app in multiple runtime containers simultaneously to scale horizontally. Build apps for up to 100 users and when it’s time for a new version, package and deploy it to test, acceptance or production environments in our secure Mendix Cloud.


Improved performance

Forget about limits. Build bigger with 1 GB of RAM, a single processor to run your app, 1 GB of database storage, and 10 GB of file storage. There’s more than enough to get a taste for what you can really accomplish with Mendix, without committing resources you’re not ready to invest (yet).


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Basic package for?

    The Basic package is for Mendix makers who would like to upgrade their app from the Free package environment to a licensed node in a simple and cost-efficient way.

  • What’s the difference between the Free and Basic packages?

    The Free package is to explore the capabilities of our platform, build prototypes or small applications for personal use. However, with the Free package your app will only run for a a limited amount of time, it cannot be scale, and has limited operational information available.

    The Basic package includes the features within the Free package, without the limitations. With the licensed node, you will have access to all the resources you need in order to stage and deploy your app to the Mendix Shared Cloud. You can scale your app thanks to continuous availability and additional resources such as custom domains, scheduled events, access to metrics, alerts, and more.

  • How do I purchase the Basic package?

    Click on the Buy now button above. Fill in the details required to configure your Basic package and complete the order. Your order is fulfilled immediately and your Mendix Basic package will be provisioned as a new licensed node. You will receive an email at the address you provided during the order, informing you when the new licensed node has been provisioned. Check our documentation to learn more.

  • What is the payment option?

    The Mendix Basic Package is payable be invoice. A credit card payment is also possible if you are based in The Netherlands or Belgium.

  • How do I receive my invoice?

    The invoice will be sent via mail to the address you provide. Our payment terms are 30 days.

  • What is the user limit for the Basic package?

    The minimum amount of users is 5. The maximum amount of users is 100. If you would like to add more users during your billing period, please contact the Mendix Support Team.

  • How does Mendix define a user?

    A user is an individual that has access to application you make; in other words an end-user. We do not charge for anonymous (not signed-in) users accessing your applications. We also do not charge for developers making apps on our platform.

  • What is the billing period?

    The billing period is annual and starts on the day your Basic package is provisioned.

  • What happens after my Basic package is provisioned?

    After you have received confirmation that your Basic package is provisioned, you will need to migrate your app, and the relevant database(s), from the Mendix Free package environment to the Mendix Basic package environment. Check out our How-To step-by-step tutorial for additional information.

  • What environments are available?

    Mendix Basic gives you the following environments: the develop/deployment environment (Studio and Studio Pro), and the cloud environment on Mendix Cloud V4.

  • Where is Basic available?

    As we continue to roll-out the Mendix Basic package, it’ll become accessible to more regions. Currently, the Mendix Basic package is available in the following countries:

    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Bulgaria
    • Canada
    • Croatia
    • Cyprus
    • Czech Republic
    • Denmark
    • Estonia
    • Finland
    • France
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Iceland
    • Ireland
    • Italy
    • Latvia
    • Liechtenstein
    • Lithuania
    • Luxembourg
    • Malta
    • Netherlands
    • Norway
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Romania
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • United Kingdom
    • United States