Smart Applications


Application-based technology that utilizes sensors often to gather and analyze data. In contrast with smartphones — mobile phones with computer functions and internet connectivity — smart appliations are associated with smart devices and the Internet of Things. These applications often include AI functions. A type of smart application known as an “intelligent application” is always powered with machine learning or AI capabilities.

What is an example of a smart application?

IPhone “Find My” application, which shows you the locations of people connected to you or the location of items connected to AirTags, is a popular smart application.

Some smart applications are custom-made for the needs of an organization. For example, a company might aggregate data from sensors in place at the soap dispenser to alert staff when the dispenser needs refilling.

What does a smart application do?

A smart application offers tracking capabilities and features like data gathering and data synthesis.

Are smart applications secure?

They can be. Smart applications are not innately immune from cybersecurity threats, which is why it is crucial to develop smart apps with rigorous security and safety features.

Can smart applications be integrated with other devices and services?

Smart applications can be integrated broadly within an Internet of Things framework, which is why this technology has grown increasingly popular.