IBM & Mendix Bring Low-Code App Development to IBM Cloud Platform

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Innovate in a software-driven world

In an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing market, enterprises are driving innovation in many parts of their business. IoT and Machine Learning are shaping the next generation of business applications, and data is the oxygen. What you need is the power of cloud plus cognitive systems, along with the ability to drive innovation at speed and scale.

IBM, the leader in enterprise cloud, and Mendix, the leader in low-code platforms, partner to help enterprises shorten time to value by building applications that leverage your data to turn it into actionable insight and drive business outcomes. IBM Cloud is built for the enterprise, the only cloud that integrates public, private, multi-cloud and on-premises data centers through a single architecture and is designed for cognitive workloads.

Mendix’s visual development and full lifecycle support enables developers to deliver applications 10 times faster than traditional development approaches. Seamlessly integrate your core systems, and data, leverage Watson services, and run instantly on IBM Cloud. IBM offers you a single point of contact for Mendix contracting and support, and a joint roadmap, so you can expect lasting ROI.

Build new and differentiating solutions

Leverage Mendix and IBM Cloud to deliver web and mobile apps across a range of use cases:

What to build?

A top 10 UK insurance company established an award winning fast-track innovation platform to launch new end-to-end products in weeks vs. months, and at a cost five to six times lower than through traditional development approaches.

What to build?

A Fortune 500 US insurance company with an exclusive agent-based business model is rolling out a digital experience layer focused on agent success and engagement. A new quoting system with extensive cross-sell and upsell features tripled the number of incoming quotes.

What to build?

A Research Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care has built a flexible Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system allowing researchers to conduct clinical studies quickly and easily.

What to build?

A business development bank re-developed a core lending system for loan origination, administration and disbursement in eight-month time vs. a 30-month estimate, and with a team nearly a third of the size.

Put the power of cloud and cognitive in the hands of low-code developers with Mendix on IBM Cloud

Build apps without coding, collaborate in real-time

Empower real-time collaboration between your business and IT teams. Deliver apps 10x faster with without increasing pressure on traditional IT resources.

Build beautiful, responsive apps for any device

Design stunning user interfaces and experiences with native mobile features and offline functionality. Build once, for use across all devices.

Leverage your data and infuse cognitive

Benefit from seamless integration with your existing systems and data services. Leverage IBM Watson services using visual development without deep technical knowledge.

Deploy and scale securely

Leveraging Cloud Foundry, or Docker & Kubernetes, Mendix is the only low-code platform that runs directly on IBM Cloud with 1-click deployment, offering scalability, and security out of the box.


Texas Life Digitizes its Operations and Customer Experience on Mendix

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“Mendix enables iterative, collaborative development. The developer and a business person can sit together, bounce ideas off each other, build workflows, design and easily hone applications on-screen – innovating without getting stalled by technical detail.”

Brad Kendrick, Vice President, IT, Texas Life

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