Mendix for IBM Bluemix

Speed Up Business Innovation in the Cloud

  • Build Web, mobile and IoT apps fast
  • Deploy and scale instantly on Bluemix
  • Leverage Bluemix component services

Power the digital enterprise through rapid application delivery

The accelerating pace of change driven by cloud, mobile, analytics and IoT requires application delivery pipelines to be faster and more agile than ever, to support continuous innovation.

Mendix and IBM provide a comprehensive cloud stack to power high-velocity digital innovation at scale. Leverage Mendix’s visual modeling and agile project management capabilities to build multi-channel applications in short, iterative cycles. Combine these capabilities with IBM Bluemix’s enterprise-grade application deployment and management features, as well as its rich portfolio of component services for building smart, contextually aware applications.

By putting Mendix on the IBM Cloud, developers can now speed up the delivery of modern digital applications. This puts our customers in prime position to capitalize on new business opportunities unlocked by cloud, mobile, analytics and IoT.

Adam Gunther

Program Director, Bluemix, IBM

Mendix for IBM Bluemix

An integrated developer experience
in one seamless cloud stack

For IBM Bluemix users:

  • Mendix is available in the IBM Bluemix Marketplace, allowing seamless access to Mendix’s rapid application development capabilities via your existing enterprise account.
  • Mendix is accessible as a IBM Bluemix Boilerplate, a container for an application and its associated runtime environment that allows you to get up and running quickly.

For Mendix users:

  • Developers have access to Bluemix services, such as IBM Watson, Data & Analytics, and the Internet of Things.
  • Mendix apps can be deployed with one click to IBM Bluemix directly within the Mendix Modeler.

Options for using Mendix on Bluemix

Choose your own adventure:

Via Bluemix

Run the Mendix Rapid Apps Boilerplate app in Bluemix.

Get started

Via Mendix

Configure Bluemix deployment settings in Mendix.

Get started

Learn how Mendix helps you rapidly build applications
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