MxHacks - Low-code hackathon - September 23–24, 2022

September 23–24, 2022

September 23–24

Low-Code For Good

Hack Your Heart Out

Hack for Good

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MxHacks 2022 challenges the Mendix maker community to build solutions for nonprofits that make a positive impact in the world. Assemble your team of four and get ready for the biggest low-code hackathon in the world, taking place in Boston, London, Rotterdam, and Singapore, or remotely from your own undisclosed hacker hideout.

Join us on September 23 and 24 for two days of hacking and contribute to making the world a better place through our Low-Code For Good program. Three nonprofit organizations, selected by Mendix, will challenge you and your team to build solutions that improve lives, safeguard the environment, conquer disease, fight for justice, or advance other good causes.

Meet other developers in the Americas, EMEA, or APAC and grow your network. Together, you can learn new things by joining workshops hosted by experts, following trainings by certified trainers, and striking up a conversation with one of the many coaches present at the hackathon. For those who are new to Mendix and want to explore your options, we’re organizing special Meet & Greet sessions with companies who are looking to hire developers and expand their team.

Look forward to an exciting weekend filled with learning, connecting, and fun, mixed in with a healthy dose of competition. Register now because in-person slots are limited!

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Hybrid Hacking

Hack From Anywhere

Meet up in-person in Boston, Rotterdam, Singapore, and beyond. You can also join remotely from your own undisclosed hacker hideout.


A Global Experience

MxHacks brings together a global audience at the Mendix offices in Boston and Rotterdam, and an additional on-site location in Singapore. To include developers from every corner of the world, you can also join us remotely from anywhere in the world, or outside of it (pinging the ISS). Where you are is no longer a factor in who you can team up with or what region you can participate in. That’s right, regardless of where you are located, you can participate in any region and take on the challenge. The only additional challenge is performing in a different time zone. Even your team can be hybrid, with some members going to an on-site location while others call in remotely.

Each region will run the hackathon in its local time zone to make sure participants can hack at convenient times in their own region. This works as follows:

  • Americas

    Start at 7am EDT Sept 23, End at 10pm EDT Sept 24

    Boston – Mendix Office
    22 Boston Wharf Rd
    Boston, MA 02210

  • EMEA

    Start at 7am CEST Sept 23, End at 10pm CEST Sept 24

    Rotterdam – Mendix Office
    Wilhelminakade 197
    3072 AP Rotterdam

    London – the depot_
    Wenlock Road, 18
    London,  N1 7TA

  • APAC

    Start at 7am SGT Sept 23, End at 6pm SGT Sept 24

    Singapore – Mendix Office
    60 Macpherson Road, 10th Floor
    Singapore 348615

Hack Your Way

In-person vs. Remote

The world is going hybrid, and so is MxHacks. The only question is: will you join in person or remotely? To help you answer that question, we’ve summarized the most important differences below. Whichever option you choose, you’re in for a unique experience. Don’t worry, if you change your mind after signing up, you can change your choice in your profile. But don’t wait too long! There are only limited slots available for the in-person experience.

In-person Hack Experience:

  • Meet other Mendix Developers

  • Learn New Skills From Experts

  • Exclusive MxHacks 2022 Swag

  • Compete in Game Competitions

  • Meet the Nonprofit Organization

Remote Hack Experience:

  • Hack From Your Favorite Location

  • Save Money From Travel and Lodging

  • Team Up With Hackers Around the World

  • Focus Without Distractions

  • Your Own Music, Snacks, and Pajamas

The Full Experience

Hack. Play. Learn. Connect.

Take advantage of workshops, training, fun games and prizes to maximize your experience!

  • Networking

    Meet other Mendix developers face to face or connect virtually and expand your network of low-code professionals.
  • Workshops

    Get hands-on guidance in one-hour workshops hosted by Mendix experts to boost your chances of winning.
  • Training

    Level up your skills with short training sessions laser focused on teaching you something new, hosted by certified trainers.
  • Careers

    Find new job opportunities by meeting companies who are looking to expand their teams of Mendix developers.
  • Games

    Play table tennis, foosball, computer games, and more. Join a gaming competition to have fun and win prizes.
  • Charity

    Use your skills and experience to make the world a better place by helping nonprofits improve the lives of millions.

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Our Sponsors

Without our generous sponsors, we would not be able to provide free participation to MxHacks. As an attendee, you get two full days of free access to gain insight from trainers, learn from workshop hosts, hear from exclusive speakers, get guidance from coaches and experts, meet the people behind the nonprofits, connect with Mendix employees, enjoy food & drinks, wear unique swag, and more. Click on a sponsor logo to go to their website and learn how they are making a difference in the community.




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  • Low Code Academy
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Made with passion

Meet the Team

Hack Your Heart Out <3

  • Jan de Vries

    Event Manager

  • Charlotte Mercadie

    Low-Code for Good

  • Cristina Samaniri

    PR & Nonprofits

  • Esther Nyssen


  • Jacob Niebergall

    Event Designer

  • Matt Bailey

    MxHacks Website

  • Matte Szklarz

    MxHacks Website Developer

  • Herrald Koekoek

    Hackathon Application

  • Anthony Miller

    Internal Communications

  • Nick Janzen

    Training Coordinator

  • Craig White

    Video Team

Low-Code For Good


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the format of MxHacks 2022?

    MxHacks 2022 will be a hybrid event — we want to ensure that all hackers get the chance to participate and have a great experience while keeping safe and healthy.

  • Who can attend?

    All makers are welcome! This includes Mendixites, partners, customers, students, and anyone else who can develop with Mendix. Attending a hackathon is a great way to meet like-minded people with the same passion for development, design, and solving problems. Whether you’ve just joined the community or you’re a lvl10 veteran, MxHacks has a place for everyone. You need a Mendix account to sign up when registrations open up.

  • I'm ready to participate - how do I stay updated?

    Register or leave your email address and we’ll deliver the latest updates straight to your morning coffee wake-up routine. You can also join the Mendix Community Slack and watch the #announcements and #mxhacks-general channels.

  • How do teams work?

    Team can hold up to 4 people. If you don’t have a team prior to MxHacks, don’t worry! We’ll connect you to others who are looking for a team beforehand and we’ll organize a match-making session on day 1 for those who couldn’t build a team before. You may also participate on your own.

  • What if I don’t have a team or my team is not complete?

    Don’t worry! We’ll connect you to others who are looking for a team beforehand and organize a match-making session on day 1 for those who couldn’t build a team before. You may also participate on your own, of course.

  • How much does MxHacks cost?

    Admission to MxHacks is free for everyone. If you decide to join in person, keep in mind that there might be extra costs involved, like travel and lodging.

  • What can my team build?

    The best solution that you can create in two working days, delivered as a Mendix application. You’re encouraged to integrate your application with other services and tools to make it the most powerful solution it can be. Detailed requirements will be shared when the event starts.

  • Cool, cool, cool… but what can I win!?

    We wouldn’t want you to only have fun, connect with other makers, and challenge your creativity, now, would we? Each region (Americas, EMEA, and APAC) will award first, second, and third place with matching prizes.

  • I got some more questions

    No worries, send your questions to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.