Data-Driven Lifeline Built for Field Technicians with Mendix — Real Time Data Delivered to Remote Workers at BAM Infra Energy & Water

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Data-Driven Lifeline Built for Field Technicians with Mendix — Real Time Data Delivered to Remote Workers at BAM Infra Energy & Water

New low-code application, DigiFlow, streams interactive, real-time data to remote workers, extending the reach and capabilities of the construction enterprise’s subsidiary

BOSTON – July 16, 2019Mendix, a Siemens business and the global leader in low-code and no-code application development for the enterprise, today announced that BAM Infra Energy & Water (E&W) has successfully launched DigiFlow. BAM Infra Energy & Water is an operating company of Royal BAM Group, one of the leading construction firms in the Netherlands. DigiFlow is an interactive, digital platform linking field data generated by service technicians, and grid operators with office-based support from E&W’s engineering, finance, and administrative employees. It enables geographically dispersed employees to optimize the time spent preparing, administering, and installing gas, water, and electrical connections for home-based customers.

Digiflow was created in four months with Mendix’s low-code platform. Currently used by 300 employees, it replaces workflow processes previously conducted with pen and paper with an iPad-based app for greater efficiencies. Field technicians are able to complete more gas and electric connections per day, and errors are greatly reduced by eliminating repetitive data entry tasks. Additionally, back-office processes are improved by making assignments traceable and progress is transparent, allowing employees to solve problems in real-time for enhanced field support.

Urgent Need for Efficient Operations

For industries such as construction, the ability to streamline numerous, complex processes has a direct impact on ROI, operating capital, and profit margins. By standardizing and optimizing the overall process of field installations, Digiflow reduces E&W’s failure costs.

“There was no off-the-shelf software vendor who could provide an end-to-end solution, so we had to build something ourselves,” says Jolanda van Zanen, director at BAM Infra E&W. “Having only one application for all these tasks makes our operations simpler, cheaper, and faster.”

“The power of the Mendix low-code platform is that usable code can be made in a heartbeat,” says Matthijs de Boer, lead developer at BAM Infra. “We were able to create the foundations of the application in four weeks. A few months later, the first E&W employees started using the application. Also, Mendix enables us to work in a team of developers with different levels of experience. Because it has a gradual learning curve, new team members immediately add value. Furthermore, the platform makes cooperation with colleagues from different domains better and easier. This has resulted in a completely new design, with a UX aligned with the needs of the people who actually work with the system.”

Communication platform strengthens recruitment efforts

DigiFlow also provides E&W with a competitive advantage in recruitment. “Our employees are finding DigiFlow to be an integrated, user-friendly system that supports their work”, Van Zanen says. “It makes it more pleasant and faster to conduct their work, which contributes to employee satisfaction. It also helps us train new contractors more efficiently and at a faster rate. DigiFlow enables them to retain and share complex information with an intuitive, easy-to-understand interface. At a time when it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the entire construction industry to find and retain employees, increasing our employee satisfaction is an important competitive asset. This modern, flexible architecture also ties in with BAM’s culture of innovation, because it can easily be adapted to our needs and market developments.”

“I’m proud to see that BAM Infra E&W has created DigiFlow from scratch using the Mendix platform,” said Derek Roos, CEO at Mendix. “With this project, they have proven that bringing IT and business professionals together to work on an application will deliver powerful results that are beneficial to the whole organization. Their innovative application doesn’t only help them work more efficiently and meet market demands, it also makes the jobs of employees working with DigiFlow more fun — and that is equally important!”

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