Mendix Launches the Most Resilient and Flexible Low-Code Platform Cloud

Extended multi-cloud deployment options include Cloud Foundry-based Mendix Cloud with built-in high availability and virtual private cloud deployment using Docker containers

Boston, MA– November 17, 2016 – Mendix, the fastest and easiest rapid application development platform to build and deploy smart mobile and web apps, announced major advancements to its multi-cloud strategy, including a new release of the Cloud Foundry-based Mendix Cloud providing built-in application resilience and high availability and Docker support for application deployment in a virtual private cloud. With these capabilities, Mendix addresses the needs of CIOs for multi-cloud flexibility to leverage the best of all clouds and mitigate risk.

Cloud Foundry-Based Architecture Continues to Enable Multi-Cloud Deployment and Scalability

In 2014, Mendix joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation and has now fully adopted Cloud Foundry as a core technology within its public cloud service, Mendix Cloud, to accelerate its strategy of providing seamless, multi-cloud deployments. This and other investments in platform openness have enabled support for leading cloud environments, including AWS, IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure and Pivotal CF. As a result, customers now enjoy unrivaled flexibility to deploy their applications to public and private clouds with one click, with built-in enterprise-grade scalability.

“Simplicity, portability, and scalability are fundamental tenets of the Cloud Foundry platform,” said Sam Ramji, CEO, Cloud Foundry Foundation. “We’re delighted to see Mendix driving application delivery across their enterprise customers by applying Cloud Foundry at such a large scale in a multi-cloud environment.”

 “Mendix is the only Low-Code Platform that leverages Cloud Foundry, and our latest release extends the many enterprise-class features our customers have come to expect from us,” said Johan den Haan, CTO, Mendix. “We have made the Mendix Platform architecture completely stateless to take full advantage of Cloud Foundry, allowing customers to run web-scale applications on Mendix without any technical hassle. They can start small, scale without needing to rework the application architecture and move applications freely between public and (virtual) private clouds.”

The Most Resilient Low-Code Platform Cloud

With more than 5,000 customer applications in production, Mendix hosts one the world’s largest Cloud Foundry implementations. The new release of the Cloud Foundry-based Mendix Cloud runs globally on AWS, offering customers the following benefits:

  • Mendix Low-Code Platform CloudApplication Portability – Port applications built on Mendix seamlessly across public and private clouds with 1-click deployment to Mendix Cloud, IBM Bluemix or Pivotal.
  • Availability Zones – Automatically provision containers and resources to run stateless applications across Availability Zones
  • Auto Recovery – Automatically recover applications if service is interrupted
  • High Availability – Leverage default High Availability (HA) configuration for all applications, with self-service configuration of HA scenarios from simple to most advanced:
    • Automatically spin-up a new application container in a different Availability Zone with Auto Recovery
    • Distribute load across multiple application containers running in different Availability Zones with a simple slider for horizontal scaling
    • Configure a fallback HA scenario by adding a HA Database in a different Availability Zone for disaster recovery
  • Instant Resizing – Add more compute power to applications, instantly resizing them in runtime
  • Flexible File Storage – Efficiently manage file storage with flexible limits

“We are a rapidly growing digital trading platform for printed media advertising and high availability and scalability of our core applications are vital to the business,” said Remco Zomer, CTO of Adoptiq. “We are excited to see Mendix offering these capabilities out of the box in Mendix Cloud. It allows us to focus our investments on delivering great functionality versus being bogged down in lower-level technology.”

Extended Deployment Flexibility with Docker Support

For enterprises that use virtual private clouds to manage workloads with a public cloud provider, Mendix is also announcing extended deployment flexibility with Docker support. This new capability extends the virtual private cloud deployment options for AWS and Azure launched earlier this year.

Mendix is the only Low-Code Platform that offers customers the following benefits:

  • Docker Deployment – Instantly deploy applications in a virtual private cloud using Docker containers
  • Continuous Delivery – Leverage integrations with Continuous Delivery services
  • Application Portability – Port applications seamlessly across public clouds, private clouds and virtual private clouds, thanks to the use of Cloud Foundry and Docker container technology.


The new version of Mendix Cloud will be generally available on November 17, 2016 and Mendix support for Docker will be generally available on December 31, 2016.

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