Mendix Launches New ‘Go Make It’ Brand Identity; Employees No Longer Need Ask What If? — Go Make It!

With Spring ’19 Release everyone from citizen developers to professional developers are empowered to quickly and easily make the apps they need to improve their work life and optimize profitable business outcomes

MENDIX WORLD, ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – APRIL 16, 2019Mendix, a Siemens business and the global leader in no-code/low-code application development for the enterprise, today unveiled at Mendix World 2019 its dedication to enabling all enterprise employees to push personal boundaries of creativity and productivity to achieve business values never before imagined. Mendix’s new “Go Make It” brand identity, part of its Spring ’19 Release, transcends the traditional enterprise technology product offering and instead communicates directly with its customers to turn their ideas into reality.

With Mendix’s low-code software development platform, every person within an organization can make the software applications they need to vastly improve their professional lives without being at the mercy of the IT backlog. Mendix’s intuitive ease of use rewards people for being curious, creative, and for going deeper and farther than they have gone before to build the software and apps needed to make their lives easier, better, and more productive.

“Challenging and empowering everyone to ‘Go make it’ has already pushed the boundaries for product innovation, experimenting with new technology, and finding new ways to engage with customers,” said Derek Roos, Mendix founder and CEO. “Many companies talk about helping customers achieve digital transformation, but we can actually show tangible examples of how our customers are doing it without massive overhead or infrastructure investments.”

The restrictions for who can test an application or who can deploy a finished product to their team have been shattered. Mendix fundamentally changes the way employees approach software development, and empowers them to go make apps that are transformational for the enterprise – they can now accomplish the impossible.

“Mendix provides the tools business makers need to create more apps faster and better, ultimately scaling and delivering more business value than ever before,” said Roos. “We are excited to see what the business makers create in 2019, and we’re thrilled to enable their creativity and productivity to be successful.”

Mendix’s “Go make it” challenge for customers is on display at Mendix World 2019, offering attendees the opportunity to take part in a wide array of activities, such as making their own metal keychains and fire branded luggage tags with the help of professional blacksmiths, designing a personalized screen print for a tote bag or t-shirt, and collecting coins by participating in various activities for the chance to win from a selection of maker-centric prizes. Throughout the entirety of Mendix World 2019, attendees will experience a heightened level of inspiration and excitement to think outside-of-the-box and create things that before now have only been an aspiration.

Mendix Spring ’19 Release

Mendix Spring ’19 Release is a major update to the company’s pioneering low-code platform, ramping up the platform’s power and capabilities, enabling enterprises to catalyze their digital innovation agendas and advance their initiatives to bring the digital and physical worlds together. With this release, Mendix is launching a new and powerful “maker movement” to drive the digital future — dramatically expanding the universe of application “makers,” furthering the platform’s leadership in supporting enterprise-scale applications, and leveraging smart technology, in both the creation of applications and their capabilities.

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Mendix, a Siemens business and the global leader in enterprise low-code, is fundamentally reinventing the way applications are built in the digital enterprise. With the Mendix platform, enterprises can ‘Make with More,’ by broadening an enterprise’s development capability to conquer the software development bottleneck; ‘Make it Smart,’ by making apps with rich native experiences that are intelligent, proactive, and contextual; and ‘Make at Scale,’ to modernize core systems and build large app portfolios to keep pace with business growth. The Mendix platform is built to promote intense collaboration between business and IT teams and dramatically accelerate application development cycles, while maintaining the highest standards of security, quality, and governance — in short, to help enterprises confidently leap into their digital futures. Mendix’s ‘Go Make It’ platform has been adopted by more than 4,000 leading companies around the world.