Beyond Build Versus Buy: How to Get There

Address the Reality of Build Versus Buy

A sea-change has come to the hotly contested build-versus-buy debate. This new landscape has implications for everyone. To navigate this new world, you need a clear understanding of where the tech industry has been, where it is going, and what this means for you.

Deciding whether to build or buy can be a tough challenge for any organization and the pros and cons making that decision have drastically changed. In Beyond Buy Versus Build: How to Get There we examine the perpetual question IT leaders have been contemplating for decades with a fresh perspective. Read the eBook for the research, data, and context you need to navigate the up-to-date landscape of enterprise software development.

Find out how you can make your software journey a success.

Download the full eBook to learn:

  • the history of build vs. buy
  • the hidden challenges of COTS
  • how innovative technologies are addressing the key issues you face
  • actual outcomes from both sides of the debate