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As global trade becomes more intricately intertwined, the smallest supply chain disruption can send crippling shockwaves throughout the world economy. While supply chain disruptions come in all flavors—severe weather, labor unrest, natural disasters, factory malfunctions—they all result in one thing: a loss of revenue. In fact, due to supply chain problems manufacturers lose an average of 42% of one year’s earnings on average over a decade (before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization). 


Build predictability, agility, and resiliency into your supply chain

A low-code development platform can help you:

  • Fortify your digital ecosystem so you can react dynamically to supply and demand fluctuations

  • Boost your supply chain agility so you can quickly implement reshoring, rerouting, and rebalancing strategies

  • Expand your capabilities to adopt emerging technologies and integrate them into your business processes

  • Personalize applications so each worker can access tools tailor-made to their job processes

How Mendix transforms your supply chain and logistics management

Automate processes

The number and diversity of processes in supply chain and logistics management— demand, supply network, warehouse, purchasing, transportation, inventory, contracts—can lead to a highly fragmented and disjointed system. Low-code applications like Mendix Smart Warehousing automate your processes to keep your supply chain management running smoothly, quickly, and consistently.

Increase collaboration

Like the number of processes, the broad range of stakeholders involved in supply chain management—product design, quality management, procurement, supply, logistics—can be difficult to navigate. The Mendix low-code platform—and applications such as Supplier Collaboration—streamlines enterprise-wide collaboration through standardized and harmonized insights, actions, and statuses.

Sharpen risk assessment

The sooner you can anticipate supply chain disruptions, the easier you can deal with them. Low-code applications like Mendix Supply Risk Management increase risk visibility and transparency so you can prevent supply shortages, improve document process flow, and make timely production planning adjustments. At the same time, they support easy and efficient collaboration between plant management, the procurement manager, and the buyers.

Support convergence

Demand fluctuations and capacity restraints along the supply chain can lead manufacturers to outsource one or more of their production steps to external vendors. But that often leaves manufacturers in the dark when it comes to crucial processes in their value chain. Low-code applications like Mendix Outsource Production Step give manufacturers visibility into outsourced production steps by converging their processes with their vendors’.

Become a Composable Enterprise

Supply chain management thrives on the flexibility and adaptability that becoming a Composable Enterprise provides. The Mendix platform helps you achieve composability by providing your application development with reusable, modular low-code components, letting you build and modify applications quickly enough to respond to sudden disruptions in your supply chains.

Find the right supply chain management tools for you

Mendix has the perfect tools for building transparency, collaboration, and agility into your entire supply chain. For each stage of your supply chain—procurement, logistics, warehousing, and production planning—we have templates and connectors specifically designed to maximize its efficiency and value.

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