Supply Chain Portfolio

Mendix has application templates and demos to help maximize each stage of your supply chain.

Supply Chain Portfolio

Mendix has application templates and demos to help maximize each stage of your supply chain.

  1. Procurement
  2. Logistics
  3. Warehousing
  4. Operations Planning

PLM, ERP, LAB Connect (Template)
Joins three disparate source systems into a single user portal, allowing manufacturing companies to save time and gain insights more efficiently. Writing back to the source systems allows for speedy and holistic processes.


Supply Risk Management (Template)
Integrates ERP, PLM, and external risk tools. It will help you proactively manage supply risk scenarios and future material shortages via a 3-step approach with integrated documentation and escalation.


Supplier Collaboration Portal (Template)
Gives suppliers access to key data points in the various source systems of the manufacturer’s IT landscape. Data points such as order and invoice tracking, contract management, and quality PKIs in a single dashboard allow for transparency and more efficient collaboration.

RFQ to SAP (Template)
Automates the transfer of awarded RFQs, from both Excel spreadsheets and Supplyframe, to SAP Purchasing Info Records. This streamlines the entire process for enhanced efficiency and ensures a harmonized and consistent data flow.

AWS IoT Logistics (Demo)
Provides a view for logistics managers and others on the delivery team to track their vehicles on a map, as well as view the live sensor data from the containers inside the trucks.

SAP Delivery Management (Demo)
Provides logistics for delivery coordinators and teamsters and includes integrations with SAP and Google maps.

SAP Mobile Warehouse (Demo)

Demonstrates the capability of the Mendix platform in mobilizing warehouse operations, the most crucial part in the whole supply chain, tying purchase and sales together to bring efficiency to distribution.

Quality Inspection (Template)
Enables the user to visually capture and identify, compare, contextualize, and assess product quality and manage that process using any device.

Smart Warehousing (Template)
Significantly streamlines the core warehousing activities of picking, inventory management, and order requesting. Included mobile access provides for optimal handling of inventory checks and picking processes.


Workforce Management (Template)
Allows you to efficiently exchange shop floor workers between teams and bring in external resources if needed. A marketplace feature creates maximum transparency of available employees and exchange efficiency.

Outsourced Production Steps (Template)

Collects all the relevant information of an outsourced process, providing full transparency of the process status and quality.


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