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The Mendix University Program is designed for professors who are interested in teaching students how to build applications without coding. This process is free to academic faculty.

In addition to free access to the industry-leading Mendix Platform, the program provides professors and students with the resources necessary to understand key low-code concepts. Teacher onboarding process can take as little as 1 week to complete. The Mendix University Program also helps connect graduates with employers in need of skilled low-code developers.

Program features

Give your students hands-on low-code learning experiences. The Mendix University Program provides professors with the tools and resources necessary to teach students how to build low-code applications.

Instructional resources

Streamline course adoption with:

Free Platform access
How-to videos

Tools and technology

Enhance learning experiences with:

Sample syllabi
In-class activities
Projects and assignments

Used by professors at leading institutions worldwide


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“Mendix gives the students an opportunity to foster a valuable skill set within the industry to ensure their readiness to find a job once they graduate.”

Professor Bengisu Tulu

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“Introducing the Mendix application platform allowed first-year students to experience agile development and quickly create a simple web application. Students gained an appreciation for current software development methods and tools they otherwise might not see until later in their studies.”

Professor Mark Frydenberg

Bentley University

5-step professor onboarding

Here’s what to expect as you get started with the Mendix University Program.

Already part of the Mendix University Program?

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Contact us for assistance

Contact the Mendix University Team with inquiries related to your academic account, the platform, certifications, or technical difficulties.

Leverage professor resources

Get access to the latest professor resources to help you and your students have a successful semester with Mendix.

Book a guest lecture

Schedule up to two guest lectures per semester with a Mendix expert. These lectures cover technical topics of choice or workshop-related training.

Opportunities for students

With access to our industry-leading low-code platform, students can learn in-demand enterprise application development skills and acquire professional certifications to help them throughout their careers.

Here’s what students can expect from the Mendix University Program:

  • Build with Agile and Scrum methodology principles
  • Digitalize your ideas using drag-and-drop UI/UX features
  • Use unified modeling language (UML) to build and manage data
  • Get free access to professional development software
  • Earn Mendix certifications for free

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