Extending Your Industry Data: Drag-and-Drop Teamcenter Into User-Friendly Experiences

Teamcenter is the most widely used product lifecycle management software, used to connect people and processes across functional silos with a digital thread for innovation. It’s engineered to help you take control of your product data and business processes. By leveraging this information across domains and departments, you adapt to business changes and manage all the challenges of product development. With Mendix, Teamcenter’s value can be extended through mobile and web applications, at scale. Product Manager, Andrej Koelewijn and Siemens Product Marketing Manager, Tedie Wests’s will share:

  • how to access Teamcenter data with Mendix Data Hub
  • how to expose supplier data from Teamcenter in a Mendix web application (OData) which can be used for secure, user-friendly vendor management
  • the future roadmap of integration between Mendix and Teamcenter