How to Style a Native Chat App from Scratch

Native is hot! More and more clients seem to ask for Mendix native apps. However, styling a native app requires different tools and techniques than those we use in the web apps were familiar with. This can seem somewhat daunting, initially. In this Live Build we will help you get started with native styling so you can confidently start your next native project.
You’ll learn how to move from CSS to JSS and how to create native classes. We will also cover JavaScript techniques to efficiently organize these classes in a folder system. This also extends to showing you the ropes on styling a wide range of Mendix widgets including buttons, lists, images, layouts and more.
In this live build you will learn how to
  • Style your native application using JSS (i.e. CSS for Native)
  • Organize your style files
  • Find the right properties to style
  • Style a text element, container, list view, layout, image