How Port of Amsterdam and Finaps are Automating Global Security Assessments with a Multi-Tenant Solution

With over €157M in annual revenue and 60,000 employees, Port of Amsterdam is responsible for the development of smooth, safe, and environmentally responsible shipping traffic. To comply with security protocol, each port terminal that receives sea-going vessels must comply with statutory requirements (ISPS-code). Administrative port security activities can often be time-consuming and require proper communication between the port terminal and the authority. Wanting to move away from completing these security assessments in Word and Excel programs, Port of Amsterdam decided to partner with Finaps to develop a responsive web application to make the process more efficient and reliable. Port of Amsterdam and Finaps share how:

  • The teams created the MOBI platform with only two developers, which now supports the repetitive process of security certifications.
  • The application reduces the time needed to properly conduct security assessments by proactively removing errors, improving predictability, and acting as a single source of information across various stakeholder groups
  • The application’s reliability has led to its adoption by all main Dutch seaports.