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Introducing Custom Error Pages

Introducing Custom Error Pages by Jouke Waleson

The Mendix Cloud has a new feature you might like: Custom error pages.

Whenever your application is stopped, you are presented with the infamous green monsters that were originally created for Tumblr:

Some customers wanted to present their users with a more Professional ™ looking page when the application was down. The tongue-in-cheek style of our status page, the GitHub 404 page or the Google version might not be for everyone, and that’s why we allow customers to create Custom Error Pages. Here’s how:

In your theme directory create an error_page folder, which contains the file offline.html and optionally 404.html and 403.html. In these html files, you can only refer to external resources or resources under the absolute path /error_page/. The /error_page/ path is the only one that will be available when the application is stopped.

An example offline.html/404.html/403.html page would look like this:

Obviously this example refers to style.css and script.js which you should also create and place in the error_page directory if you want to have special styling and/or JavaScript.

The different files serve different purposes:

  • offline.html page will be used when your application has been stopped manually.
  • 404.html will be served whenever a path does not exists.
  • 403.html will be served when access to a resource is denied, because of the used IP filter or Client Certificate restriction.

If you do not create these files the default “green monsters” will be used instead for each scenario.