Mendix Release 10.1 – We Never Stop

We never stop; even after last month’s big Mendix 10 release, we continue to focus on delivering value. This month we set out to improve synchronization performance, enable users to have a single profile with multiple accounts, and update the marketplace as well as (private) cloud. But first, let’s talk about our new Make It Native app…

Make It Native 10

Make it Native is our powerful companion app designed to preview your native app projects on iOS and Android devices during development. With the release of Mendix 10, we have created a new Make It Native App that matches the updated look and feel we introduced last month and is ready for future platform updates.

New Make it Native app

From the start screen, you can connect Make It Native to your native app running on Studio Pro and preview it during development. Also, don’t forget to try out our showcase apps that demonstrate what is possible with Mendix native mobile, from a beautifully designed bike companion app to the ability to place 3D objects in augmented reality.

We have also added two convenient features in this version of Make It Native. The app now maintains a history of every host you connect to, letting you quickly switch between different computers or networks. Secondly, we have improved the error dialog to include more information and troubleshooting tips.

You can download Make It Native 10 from the AppStore and the PlayStore.

Mobile – improved synchronization performance

Many of our customers are building amazing mobile apps that take our offline-first approach to the next level. As these apps grow and spread further, getting the most out of devices becomes more and more important. That is why we have invested heavily in improving the performance of offline-first apps, with a special focus on Android-based native apps.

With this release, we improved the speed of database retrievals and manipulations in offline apps up to three times. This allowed us to reduce the time it takes to refresh data from the runtime in a rather complex app from 20 seconds to around 7 seconds. The improvement applies to both Progressive Web Apps as well as Native Apps.

To honor the multitude of apps out there and the benefit this brings to all mobile apps, we decided to bring this improvement also to the LTS version of Mendix 9. We are excited to see what you will build!

Single Profile with Multiple Accounts

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing profiles for every created account to access the Mendix platform! With this functionality, users with two or more user accounts can consolidate their activity into a single profile. Additionally, we enable users to specify a personal email address in their profile which sets the user up for super smooth future profile merge actions.

For more information, see our latest blog post about this feature.


Notification for updates Marketplace content

You will now be able to receive a notification when a new version of a Marketplace component is released. Start following a component by clicking the “Save and get notified” button on the detail page of the component. An overview of all your saved components can be found here. The notification will become visible in the notification dock (the bell icon in the top bar) and/or received via email based on your notification settings.

Notifications for Marketplace content

Notifications for Marketplace content select saved

Explore private components

Is it difficult to find the components you’re looking for in your private marketplace? Not anymore! We have introduced the filter “visibility” on the homepage. Start exploring the private marketplace by selecting “Private” in the “Visibility” filter. In Studio Pro, you can use the filter “My Company Content” to get all components supplied by anyone within your organization.

Private visibility filter now available in Marketplace


Webhooks API Beta

Webhooks allows for notifying external systems when an event takes place in the Mendix ecosystem. Mendix released this in general availability in June 2023 for Mendix Cloud, Cloud Dedicated, and Mendix for Private Cloud deployment options. Refer to our Webhooks documentation and previous release blog for more details.

As a natural extension, we have also released the Webhook API in public Beta. With APIs, you can automate the following actions related to Webhooks – at scale, across an app landscape:

  1. Create Webhook
  2. Update Webhook
  3. Delete Webhooks
  4. List all Webhooks
  5. Get Webhook details

You can refer to the Webhooks API documentation for more details.

Mendix for Private Cloud – License Manager public Beta

We have introduced Private Cloud License Manager, which provides a repository of offline Mendix licenses. You can use Private Cloud License Manager to manage these licenses centrally and to automatically configure the licenses for the Mendix Operator and its Runtime.

This feature is currently in a Beta release. For more information on what “Beta release” means, see our documentation on Beta releases.

On the Installation page of Private Cloud Portal, we have added a section where you can download the CLI for Private Cloud License Manager.

Mendix for Private Cloud License Manager Public Beta

On the Namespace details page of Private Cloud Portal, we have added a section that provides information on the Operator and Runtime licenses and their usage claims. The section is only visible when Private Cloud License Manager is configured.

Private cloud license manager showing operator and runtime licenses and usage claims

Mendix Operator v2.12.0

We support IAM-based authentication to centrally manage the app access of RDS databases and S3 file storage from the AWS console using temporal tokens – Mendix 9.22 or later. For a walkthrough guide on how to enable and use this feature, see the walkthrough.

For apps based on Mendix versions 9.12.0 and above, scheduled events are now configured on all instances, and Mendix for Private Cloud supports how scheduled events work now within our configuration.

Also, Mendix Operator will ensure that app environments always get a fresh new license, if any are available in Private Cloud License Manager before the current one expires, to ensure the continuity of long-running apps.

For more details, please check our release notes.

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