Mendix Selects 10 New MVPs

New Mendix MVP Announcement

The demand for Mendix developers is on the rise and to support community growth in size and capability, the MVP Program takes center stage. Today, we’re announcing the addition of ten new MVPs to the program.

MVPs go above and beyond in sharing their expertise with the community by answering Forum questions, organizing events, publishing Marketplace content, and much more to help other Makers take full advantage of the platform and build innovative solutions for customers. We recognize their experience, contributions, and expertise by awarding them the status of MVP.

We collaborate with the MVPs to amplify their efforts to serve the Maker community and pave the way for a new generation of low-code developers to build the solutions of tomorrow.

Ten New Mendix MVPs

Experts, leaders, evangelists, Makers – that’s what describes the ten newest additions to the Mendix MVP Program. They have shown their Mendix expertise by supporting the community on the Forum and Slack, at Mendix World, and through blogs, meetups, videos, and more.

1_MX MVP_Axel TripAxel Trip, Senior Mendix Business Engineer – Appronto
Quality assurance is crucial to every Mendix project and Axel has been an expert on QA for many years. His insights have helped many community members and customers throughout the years, and we’re looking forward to collaborating with Axel to improve the Mendix platform as well as sharing his knowledge and best practices with the community.



Hunter Koppen, Senior Mendix Consultant – CLEVR
Hunter is an early adopter of Mendix mobile and native development. He has contributed directly through focus groups with the product management team in Mendix R&D and even built the very first version of the Native Build tool. On top of that, he actively contributes to the Marketplace and answers questions on the Forum. As part of the MVP Program, we’re going to supercharge Hunter’s capabilities to skill up the community.


3_MX MVP_Jeroen AppelJeroen Appel, Mendix Consultant – CLEVR
Many meetups in recent years were organized by Jeroen, eager to share knowledge and contribute to best practices. His knowledge about application landscape, integration, and AWS are a great asset to the community and we look forward to collaborating on meetups, videos, and other ways to share his expertise with every maker in the community.



4_MX MVP_Johan MunnekeJohan Munneke, Mendix Consultant – Aiden
Johan is an expert in widget development and the Mendix client. He has helped many customers with his experience and problem-solving attitude. Working together with Mendix, he is looking forward to taking widget development and knowledge sharing to the next level by writing blogs, how-to’s, and making videos to make it easier for everyone to make and use custom content.



5_MX MVP_Khalid El-QasabagliKhalid El-Qasabagli, Mendix Solutions Architect – KMx Solutions
There is no one way to sum up Khalid’s contributions. A developer for many years, he has become an expert and has spoken at many events, including meetups, Mendix World, and others. On top of that, he has received many awards for his work and projects for customers. A true developer evangelist, we’re looking forward to working with Khalid to focus his efforts to support the community with content and attract new developers to the community.


6_MX MVP_Maarten BongersMaarten Bongers, Co-founder – Squad Apps
Deja vu? No, sir, Maarten is back for another round. After the TimeSeries acquisition, Maarten had to lay down his MVP title, but now that he’s back in business with his new startup Squad Apps, he’s all set to take up the MVP mantle and contribute to the community with meetups, blogs, videos, and more. A familiar face in the community, Maarten will surely make waves that make an impact.



7_MX MVP_Marius van der KnaapMarius van der Knaap – Freelance Mendix Developer
Marius has written blogs to help new developers get up and running, provide tips, and has shared his own journey and experience with becoming a Mendix developer. He also answers questions on the Forum and evangelizes and promotes Mendix content. Together, we will bundle forces and improve the developer experience for every maker in the community.



8_MX MVP_Sjors HakSjors Hak, Co-founder – Lowcode Academy
Anyone who knows Sjors will recognize his excitement, passion, and knowledge about Mendix development. Especially sharing that knowledge and training a new generation of low-code developers through on-site and online training. Sjors will be a force for good and have an important role in expanding the community, providing our customers with the best-trained developers in the market.



9_MX MVP_Tim van SteenbergenTim van Steenbergen, Mendix Advanced Business Engineer – Tieka
A household name in the community for many years, Tim is consistently at the top of the Forum leaderboards. Next to speaking at meetups, he is a frequent contributor to the Marketplace. Together, we look forward to providing the community with even more content, blogs, videos, and a whole lot of answers to questions.



10_MX MVP_Wouter PenrisWouter Penris, Mendix Expert Developer & Managing Consultant – Capgemini
When Wouter decided to learn Mendix he went all the way, and within a couple of years, he rose through the ranks and achieved Expert status. Not only that, but he also wrote blogs, made videos, answered Forum questions, and more. His drive to learn, share knowledge, and take everyone’s Mendix skills to the next level are a perfect recipe for the MVP Program.



We are excited to work together with these new MVPs to grow the community in size as well as skills so they can deliver the best low-code solutions in the world.

Congratulations to all these Makers!

Who is your MVP?

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