Private Mendix Platform

A private cloud deployment in your air-gapped environment

What is Private Mendix Platform?

Private Mendix Platform is the only product offering on the market that can run a low-code platform in a completely air-gapped environment.

For enterprises that have stringent security requirements or complex governance needs, Private Mendix Platform brings streamlined low-code ideation, creation, development, and collaboration into private IT environments.

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Key capabilities
of Private Mendix

Private Mendix Platform connects to our Studio Pro IDE on the developer machine with an on-premises software developer portal that enables your organization to develop apps faster.

For an end-to-end developer experience, Private Mendix Platform allows Studio Pro developers to connect to a portal deployed within a virtual private cloud. The portal provides API endpoints for a connected Mendix developer experience—even if the interaction takes place in an externally air-gapped network.

  • deploy

    Deploy in one click

    Accelerate the full product lifecycle and increase time-to-value in private environments.

  • integrate and connect

    Integrate and connect

    Integrate with other requisite services to create and deploy Mendix applications with ease.

  • ideate and collaborate

    Ideate and collaborate

    Collaborate with feedback gathering, JIRA and Azure DevOps stories integrations, and AI-assisted development.

  • expand configurability

    Expand configurability

    Use CI/CD modules, MxPipelines, APIs, and webhooks to automate interactions with other services.

  • secure and private

    Stay secure and private

    Tailor CI/CD pipelines to fit internal policies. Deploy to Private Cloud to keep application workloads secure.

  • govern your landscape

    Govern your landscape

    Better manage your portfolio with control over users, access rights, resources, and privileged groups.

Flexibility, security, and control

Private Mendix Platform allows the adoption of the platform into a variety of customer environments. To provide flexibility to meet your deployment preferences, it can be deployed on RedHat OpenShift, Amazon EKS, Microsoft AKS, or Google GKE.

Private Mendix Platform utilizes Mendix for Private Cloud, which comes with the Mendix Operator. This helps manage under-the-hood operational load in regard to application resource management, as well as building the actual container image that is used. Private Mendix Platform can also be deployed with Docker.

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Empower your world with security and control

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