Mendix-Built Software Application Wins Prestigious Technology Award in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Foodprint Group, a hospitality and food industry firm, developed an innovative app to fight waste and global warming in the food and hospitality sectors
  • Award-winning solution underscores Mendix’s enterprise low-code platform as a driving force for harnessing digital innovation, while making a positive impact on the world 

BOSTON – October 25, 2022 –  Mendix, a Siemens business and global leader in modern enterprise application development, announced that Foodprint Group recently won a Computable Award in the Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility category. ​​The honors were extended at the annual awards ceremony of the Computable Awards, which recognize excellence in technology companies, projects and individuals. Both the expert jury and the public cast the most votes for the U.S.-based project, making Foodprint a convincing winner.

Foodprint Group enables corporations in the foodservice and hospitality industries to track, measure, and reduce waste and carbon emissions. To deliver this functionality, the company has created a mobile meter for waste and web-based zero waste performance management tools using the Mendix low-code platform.

The Computable Awards are considered to be one of the most important IT prizes in Europe, as the readership of the Computable platform consists primarily of decision-makers in the IT industry. The winners of the awards are determined by a weighted vote, divided evenly between a professional jury and the combined votes of the public. For the Sustainability & CSR category, Computable nominated ten candidates that contribute to making the world a better place with their digital solutions.

Foodprint won the award using Mendix’s technology and market-leading enterprise low-code platform to develop multiple applications, including Foodprint Trax and Foodprint Scorecard, to monitor CO2 usage and the recycling and reuse of waste in the hospitality industry. Foodprint also created a customer dashboard for real-time reporting and data visualization, and a virtual onboarding tool for new clients working remotely. With these solutions, Foodprint enables clients to achieve triple bottom-line returns — cost reductions, green-house gas savings, and public health benefits.

“We’re extremely proud and honored that our innovation is acknowledged by the jury and the readership of Computable for making a significant, sustainable difference in our industry”, said Christina Grace, Foodprint Group’s cofounder and CEO. “The award is also an incentive to bring the Foodprint Trax app to more hotel and restaurant locations to increase our impact in the fight against waste and global warming.”

Making a global impact
The problem that Foodprint addresses has significant repercussions. The world wastes about 1.4 billion tons of food every year and this is just one of the many waste streams Foodprint tackles. More than 80% of this wasted food ends up in landfills or is incinerated. Foodprint’s suite of digital solutions helps hospitality and foodservice corporations to reduce that waste, improve recycling, meet regulatory requirements, and make smarter, data-driven purchasing and inventory decisions.

Foodprint has deployed its Mendix-built application suite to clients in 21 countries including in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Mexico, China, Vietnam, Philippines, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia and expects to have additional customer deployments.

Tim Srock, CEO of Mendix, said, “we congratulate Foodprint on winning this award in a category that is close to our hearts. Enabling our community to build creative solutions on our low-code platform — ones leading to a positive impact on global sustainability and making the world a better place — is our ultimate goal. The Mendix platform is optimized for creating cutting-edge innovative apps that solve today’s most significant societal and business challenges.”

Low-Code for Good program

The Computable Award honors for Foodprint come on the heels of Mendix’s recently launched Low-Code for Good program. Mendix’s goal is to make the world a better place by creating equal opportunities for everyone. The Low-Code for Good initiative aims to empower non-technical and technical people, regardless of their background, to build innovative digital solutions using the power and speed provided by the Mendix enterprise low-code platform. The award-winning solution from Foodprint delivers just that and shows how the power of low-code can contribute to this goal. 

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