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Low-Code Workflow Automation

Automating the enterprise is an ongoing and complicated task. To meet the demand for digitized applications, new processes, and intelligent workflows you need a holistic tool that will enable strategic change now and support your organization as it evolves.

Mendix is an all-in-one low-code Platform that makes enterprise-wide, end-to-end automation possible. See what’s possible with the Mendix Workflow Editor and what how our customers have used low-code to move closer to full-scale digitalization.

Workflow Automation Demos

Curious about how you can achieve enterprise-grade, low-code automation? Check out how you can automate common business processes with the Mendix Workflow Editor in these demos.

  • Integrate with an SAP oData Service

    Learn how to create a Mendix app & integrate an SAP OData Service.
  • Mendix Studio Tutorial

    Senior Product Marketing Manager Jeffrey Goldberg demonstrates how to build an app in less than 5 minutes using the Mendix Studio.
  • We Built an IoT Application in 10 Days

    Mendix Evangelists Simon Black and Craig White demonstrate collaborative visual development in this Mendix in 30 presentation.
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    Low-Code Process Automation Customer Stories

    Mendix customers have been using the Platform to successfully automate legacy processes, digitize hundreds manual workflows, or improve organization-wide, business-critical functions. Read their stories to learn more about low-code automation in practice.

      Process Automation Insights

      What’s the state of the state when it comes to enterprise process automation? Complex. Intriguing. Rapidly changing. All that and much more. Read on to see what’s good, what’s coming, and what’s up with workflow automation.

    • Robot with tentacle arms using a laptop

      How Low-Code Facilitates End-to-End Process Automation

      Before you invest in workflow automation, hyperautomation, or intelligent automation, you may want to ask yourself, “Am I really addressing this process end to end?”
    • iBPMS vs. Low-Code: What's Better for the Enterprise?

      Keeping attuned to business process management (BPM) is a central strategy for a successful 21st-century enterprise. Technology leaders have to stay vigilant.
    • Alleviating RPA implementation headaches with low-code development

      How to Alleviate RPA Headaches with Low-Code Development

      According to KPMG, 55% of companies deploying RPA aren’t making significant progress. Learn how your organization can use low-code to successfully implement RPA solutions.
    • COTS Software vs. Custom Low-Code Development

      COTS excels in convenience and ease of use, but it can’t match the high level of customization and long-term value of bespoke software development.
    • Web of database nodes

      How to Escape Trapped Processes with Low-Code Automation

      See examples of trapped business processes and how they could be slowing your enterprise down, and learn how low-code offers solutions for full digital transformation.
    • RPA & Low-Code: Benefits, Use Cases & More

      What can RPA and low-code process automation do for your business? Learn the capabilities, use cases, and long-term value of each technology.
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