Mendix World Diamond Sponsor Spotlight: CLEVR Accelerates Your Digital Transformation

“We are trying to accelerate the world’s transition to low-code and no-code. Trying to help our customers—product owners, IT executives, entrepreneurs, founders, inventors—to transition to building software in a different way.”

I’m not sure if he’s a fan of the movie Top Gun— it never came up in conversation, but let’s go out on a limb and say…maybe. But Andries Smit, CTO Solutions at CLEVR, definitely understands the need for speed.

Businesses need to digitalize and digitalize fast. CLEVR understands that the faster you get to low-code, the faster you achieve your organization’s digitalization goals. Using cutting-edge technology for digital transformation has been CLEVR’s charge since its inception, and it’s their primary reason for speaking at Mendix World 2021. Whether you’re a CIO, a VP of IT, a self-described inventor, a business analyst, or pretty much anyone who uses technology to solve your problems, you need to see what CLEVR has to say about low-code and what they can help you achieve with it.

That’s CLEVR

CLEVR is one of Mendix’s most prolific partners, but its roots run deep in the low-code technology landscape. CLEVR is the convergence of three low-code and no-code partners: Mansystems, FlowFabric, and BlockBrains. Combined, they bring their customers over 40 years of experience creating solutions and transforming software development.

CLEVR is based out of the Netherlands and Germany, but its customers can be found all over the world in a range of industries. One common thread among CLEVR’s customer base—be they from retail, manufacturing, infrastructure, construction, financial services, media, or healthcare—is that they all need a partner to help address a constantly and rapidly changing market.

Businesses change and processes do, too. But developing software to keep up with these changes isn’t always easy. Success also hinges on an organization’s change-readiness. Companies need to change the way they develop and deliver software, Smit says, “because most companies will become software companies regardless of what their offerings are.” CLEVR addresses their customers’ changing development needs in two ways: Building out-of-the-box low-code solutions with Mendix that the customer can then extend or customize themselves, or by helping implement the Mendix low-code platform—and the best practices that they’ve developed—into the customer’s organization.

The customers that CLEVR works with are some of the biggest names in their respective industries: Automotive manufacturer Continental, electric bike company Stella, and financial services corporation ING.

Stella partnered with CLEVR to help address their rapid growth. On Mendix, they were able to build an experience center where customers and employees use an application to complete the transaction. They also automated a process that allowed for at-home bike delivery. CLEVR helps Stella build these solutions, but helps them govern their use of Mendix, too.

Why see CLEVR at Mendix World 2021?

If you’re going to Mendix World (and really, you should be if you want to know how low-code can help you digitalize your business, streamline processes, and help you enhance your customers’ experiences with your products), you need to visit CLEVR on the virtual show floor. They’re need-to-see partly because of all the customer stories they’ll be sharing. They’re also unique in that the team has been to every single Mendix World since it started — an impressive feat that even a lot of Mendixites can’t put claim to! With a plethora of sessions covering business transformation, architecture, low-code how-tos, and more, Smit sums up Mendix World perfectly: “You feel like a kid in a candy shop.”

Andries and the team would love to chat with you. So come by their booth to talk with people who have been in the trenches with their customers, solving problems with low-code for years and years. The sessions they’re featured in barely scrape the surface of the wealth of stories they have to share.

Just make sure to register for Mendix World 2021 first.