Cloud platforms for rapid application development

More IT teams are moving to cloud platforms to help manage the increasing demand for new business applications. Cloud platforms remove infrastructure distractions and enable greater efficiency within the development stack.

But not all cloud platforms provide the same level of abstraction services. For teams in need of rapid app delivery, look for a cloud platform that streamlines the application lifecycle and minimizes reliance on traditional coding languages.

Mendix, the cloud platform for empowering rapid developers

Mendix’s cloud platform abstracts away from technical components across the entire application lifecycle, accelerating the speed at which IT teams can deliver custom solutions. By reducing the cost and complexity to manage the infrastructure behind application development, Mendix users are able to focus on delivering ‘first time right’ solutions faster than ever before.

Mendix offers the highest level of abstraction within the platform as a service layer. The service leverages visual models instead of traditional coding languages so that users can orchestrate components in a human-readable form and achieve highly customized, complex applications. By modeling applications rather than coding them, Mendix’s application platform empowers a greater variety of individuals, and increases your overall pool of developer talent.

Learn more about Mendix’s cloud platform for rapid application development and find out how to enable more individuals across your enterprise.

Cloud platform features that enable rapid application development

Not all cloud platforms offer the same level of efficiency. And while some platform as a service providers focus on coders by offering a development stack suited for traditional development methodologies, most business initiatives require a more agile approach that produces time savings across the entire life of the application.

A rapid application development model provides a faster path to turn your business ideas into working applications. The new approach relies on cloud software that removes infrastructure distractions so that users can focus on delivering the right solution within a shorter timeline, and achieve ROI faster. When evaluating cloud platform providers, look for three main components:

  • Support across the entire application lifecycle: Does the vendor offer abstraction services at each stage within the application lifecycle, facilitating a more iterative, flexible process that allows organizations to adapt to changing requirements?
  • Democratization of app development: Does the vendor leverage visual modeling tools that empower a wider variety of users with greater domain expertise to build apps?
  • Collaboration between IT and Business: Does the vendor encourage greater IT and business collaboration through project management features, social collaboration, and end user feedback mechanisms?

Mendix’s platform is a leader among cloud platforms. Learn more about our rapid application delivery platform.