Financial Routing System Delivered in Just 5 Weeks for International Bank

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About the case

A new Mendix application goes live in just 5 weeks to provide financial transaction routing, monitoring, management and alerting for international banking group. Company responds to competitive needs in record time, reduces cost and significantly improves customer satisfaction.

  • Intelligent decision engine supports transaction routing between systems
  • Secure data encryption with auditing and performance reporting
  • Management portal and automated alerts to enable end-to-end process control


In order to increase and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and customer value, BancABC desired an application that would improve the banking experience for their customers. For this reason, the bank chose to give its customers the ability to view real-time account balance updates for both pre-paid and credit card financial services.

To enable this integrated account access disparate banking systems had to be integrated. It was critical that all data routed between the banking systems was securely encrypted. Intermediary systems could not store any encrypted data and only act as a message conduit, tracking, and performance management solution between their existing systems.


Mendix’s application platform was chosen to build an application to facilitate, manage and monitor the transport of request and confirmation transactions between a core banking system and a card management system by using complex workflow rules to route each transaction correctly. Using the visual modeling capabilities of the Mendix platform, the banks proprietary business rules and decision logic was implemented in only three weeks by a small team of two business engineers.

A dashboard has been provided to monitor cross-system transaction performance and maintain full process control. Support personnel can login, monitor and review successful and problematic transactions, as well as monitor and mitigate potential bottle necks. The Mendix application includes an alerting and notification process for the event of message delivery failure or system unavailability. It automatically alerts responsible parties through SMS and email notifications when critical system failures occur, and when preconfigured failure thresholds have been reached. These failure thresholds are determined by BancABC and are easily configured within the application. The application contains several reports and dashboards associated with performance and history of the encrypted messages being sent and received.


The Mendix app was delivered in five weeks, providing a secure transaction management and reporting system and offering a scalable connection between mission critical banking systems. It is centrally deployed and utilized by 53 retail bank branches in the countries of operation to provide customers with real-time banking information. By increasing control and efficiency through automated processes, reporting along with alerts and notifications to support personnel, ABC Holdings has significantly improved customer satisfaction and retention while increasing competitiveness in local banking markets. Due to the flexibility of Mendix’s application platform, BancABC is able to react to changes in business requirements more easily and with minimal business interruptions. Most importantly, the bank is able to provide a competitive service to its customers faster than ever – cutting the time it took to deliver such an application by 90%.