Create, Read, Update, and Delete or “CRUD” is a term used to describe the stages of operations in persistent storage applications (storage that maintains data even when the hardware is powered off). The process is applicable to relational database management system (RDBMSs) or NoSQL.

What does the C.R.U.D acronym stand for?

  • Create

  • Read

  • Update

  • Delete

What is a CRUD in programming?

There are SQL commands and commands for other databases that roughly correspond with the four processes of CRUD.

What is a CRUD API?

A CRUD API might be any API related to the four processes: used to create, read, update, or delete records in a database.

What is CRUD vs REST?

REST (Representational state transfer) describes HTTP commands for web applications for user-facing data (often files with URL identification). Common REST protocols include JSON, CSV, and XML. CRUD, however, more broadly involves database maintenance and record keeping.