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Partners own some of the most sophisticated low-code implementations around the globe, putting their decades of domain and technological expertise to work for customers.


Through the Mendix Ecosystem, our partners have access to the expansive potential of the low-code market. Partners can directly understand market needs, create solutions and components, and reach new potential customers in the Mendix Marketplace.

Partners in action

These customer stories feature partners and customers developing solutions together.

Partners who sell and service

Partners who build

Thriving partnerships

These are just a few organizations with existing established, successful partnerships with Mendix.  They provide our customers and community with industry-specific adaptable solutions, easier integration with vital systems, and access to specialized services.

  • ​Integrate AWS Intelligent Automation solutions
    into your Mendix-built applications

  • Seamlessly extend and customize
    core SAP systems with Mendix

  • Capgemini and Mendix support quicker
    time-to-market in insurance

Stronger Together: Insurance Application Development with Capgemini and Mendix

Kiran Boosam, Vice President at Capgemini, explains what makes the partnership between Capgemini and Mendix perfect for insurers as they look to modernize and innovate for the future. Insurers can build solutions that wow customers, tie together disparate processes, and stand out from the competition all on a single platform. Capgemini and Mendix have joined forces to bring you solutions that will change the way you interface with insurance. These low-code solutions accelerate digitalization and integration of front- and back-end processes, enabling business transformation and improving customer experiences. Learn more about the Capgemini/Mendix partnership: Try out the Mendix platform: See what insurers really think about low-code: Find out more about Mendix for Insurance

The Mendix ISV program

Independent software vendors (ISV) build low-code solutions and components on the Mendix Platform and then promote what they build on the Marketplace. The Mendix ISV Program is open to any organization that wants to leverage the Mendix ecosystem to market their solutions and extend their customer base.

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