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Mendix Data Hub

The world’s first low-code integration platform

Empower anyone to discover, understand, and instantly connect data securely.

Empower Your People

Welcome to the secure, trusted, and actionable data fast-lane for your whole organization.

key capabilities

Everything is just a drag and a drop away

Developers see data from remote sources as local through external entities, which enable them to drag-and-drop that data quickly and seamlessly into the applications they are creating.

The Mendix Data Hub Catalog is an open, standards-based metadata repository that enables all users — developers and business domain experts alike — to discover and explore data resources throughout their connected ecosystem.

Data Hub Connectors enable enterprises to connect data sources to Data Hub, populating the catalog and making the data available to developers. Easily connect to Mendix application data, Siemens Teamcenter, SAP, and numerous other common enterprise data sources.

Unlock Your Landscape

Safe and Standardized Self-Service

Spend less time worrying about complex and inconsistent integrations, hand-holding developers, and answering the same questions about data over and over again. The Data Hub Catalog provides a one-stop shop for finding and understanding data, while Data Hub’s External Entities ensure everyone is using data safely and consistently.

Accelerate Phasing Out Monoliths

Build reusable components and microservices faster than ever with seamless access to enterprise data. Then share them effortlessly in the Data Hub Catalog; take the pain out of managing your new landscape with elegant discoverability and dependency management.

Bring iPaaS data to developers' fingertips

Data Hub is built to leverage the special capabilities of iPaaS platforms, such as data preparation and specialized integrations. This makes those capabilities actionable for much broader cross-section of people, bridging the gap between low-code solutions and iPaaS data.

Achieve Your Goals

Realize the value Mendix Data Hub delivers via speed, collaboration, and control.

  • Reclaim >30% of your developers' time

    Building apps using external data is as easy as drag-and-drop

  • Enable more people to build systems without help

    Share data across projects and teams effortlessly. Expose your application data with a single click, and find others’ data just as easily

  • Build and manage systems at a larger scale

    Worrying about complex and inconsistent integration logic across opaque landscapes is a thing of the past

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