Develop Connected Applications Faster with Mendix

Discover, understand, and instantly connect data securely.

Empower developers

Connect applications to external data in the IDE

Developers access data through external entities, which enable them to drag-and-drop that data quickly and seamlessly into the applications they are creating.

The Mendix Connect Catalog is an open, standards-based metadata repository that enables all users — developers and business domain experts alike — to discover and explore data resources throughout their connected ecosystem.

Populate the Mendix Connect catalog with connectors to common enterprise data sources, such as Siemens Teamcenter, SAP, and Mendix applications.

Secure, fast, and well-architected

  • Safe and standardized self-service

    Spend less time worrying about complex and inconsistent integrations and answering repetitive questions about data.

    The Mendix Connect Catalog provides a one-stop shop for finding and understanding data, while Mendix Connect’s External Entities ensure everyone is using data safely and consistently.

  • Deliver microservice architecture

    Build reusable components and microservices faster than ever with seamless access to enterprise data.

    Share them effortlessly in the Mendix Connect Catalog, and take the pain out of managing your new landscape with discoverability and dependency management.

  • Bring iPaaS data to developers' fingertips

    Mendix Connect is built to leverage the special capabilities of iPaaS platforms, such as data preparation and specialized integrations.

    This makes those capabilities actionable for a broader cross-section of people, bridging the gap between low-code solutions and iPaaS data.

Achieve Your Goals

Turn ideas into outcomes and deliver value with Mendix Connect.

  • Reclaim of your developers' time

    Building applications using external data is as easy as drag-and-drop

  • Enable more people to build systems without help

    Share data across projects and teams effortlessly. Expose your application data with a single click, and find others’ data just as easily

  • Build and manage systems at a larger scale

    Worrying about complex and inconsistent integration logic across opaque landscapes is a thing of the past

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Mendix Connect?

    Mendix Connect is an integration technology for accelerating application development and BI solutions with the capabilities available from the many software solutions in an organization.

    Though not a centralized data store (i.e. EDW or Data Lake), it is the central hub in an organization for finding metadata and connecting applications and BI tools to the relevant shared datasets. It also ensures consistency in the data used throughout the organization.

  • What value does Mendix Connect provide?

    Mendix Connect allows you to save time and resources when building or maintaining an integration to another system.

    If you are a developer, it will help you to focus on what matters: working with data. Mendix Connect will help reduce the time spent on all the small things that make building integrations such a hassle.

    If you are an architect, Mendix Connect will allow you to keep an overview of what is going on in your landscape, including what system is retrieving which data from what other application.

    If you are a non-technical business user, Mendix Connect will allow you to discover and understand the context of connected data, while also letting you quickly pull data into BI tools such as Excel, Tableau, Power BI, QlikView/QlikSense, and more — without needing to talk to IT.

  • How do External Entities work?

    External Entities are an abstraction over the connectivity information and query code typically needed to send or retrieve external data, currently based on the OData v3/4 specification.

    During design/development time, they can be modeled within the IDE (like local data) after being dragged and dropped from the Mendix Connect Catalog Pane. During runtime, External Entities automatically make the appropriate OData calls to the external system in order to read and write.

  • How can I use a non-OData source with Mendix Connect?

    There are currently two ways to get non-OData sources into Mendix Connect: Either by writing a simple OData v4 service in high-code, or through a Mendix Application that replicates the non-Odata and then exposes it as OData.

    We are continuously adding support for new data sources/formats.

  • How can I publish content in Mendix Connect Catalog?

    Depending on the source of the content, publishing to the catalog can be done in several ways.

    For Mendix applications deploying to the Mendix Cloud, there is an automatic deployment pipeline that registers the published OData services in the application to the Mendix Connect Catalog. Mendix applications that are not hosted in the Mendix Cloud can use the Mendix Connect API and the Transform API for their Mendix Connect registration pipeline.

    Datasets from other enterprise applications can also be registered in the Catalog. You can manually add them from the Mendix Connect Homepage, or you can set up a registration pipeline to record data sources that are exposed as compatible OData services to the Catalog using the Mendix Connect API.

  • How do I learn more about Mendix Connect?

    To learn more about the Mendix Connect contact us below or see our Mendix Connect FAQ.

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