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Simplify your quality management processes with low-code

Life is complicated for manufacturers. Shifting market demands, tangled global supply chains, patchwork international regulations. But even as manufacturers ramp up the complexity of their operations to meet these challenges, they still need to keep one essential process as simple and dependable as possible: quality management.

A low-code application development platform is the natural solution for ensuring your manufacturing quality management systems work smoothly and reliably amid expanding complexity. The adaptability, flexibility, and speed of low-code allow manufacturers to:

  • Connect easily to multiple data sources
  • Visualize in real-time disparate data sources with actionable context
  • Simplify collaboration across quality processes while keeping your core clean
  • Share quality management data with suppliers with consistency
  • Personalize applications to the needs and practices of your workforce

How Mendix accelerates digital transformation for quality management processes

Eliminate paper-based tracking methods

Using low-code, manufacturers can quickly build quality tracking applications to replace error-prone paper processes. For example, you can replace paper-based quality audits and inspections with the easy-to-use Quality Inspections application equipped with data traceability.

Extend your core systems

Low-code applications allow manufacturers to modernize their quality management processes while still keeping their core Quality Management Systems (QMS) clean. For example, Complaint Management, an application that can be used as an extension to Opcenter Quality or Teamcenter Quality, provides a customer and supplier portal that gives you the ability to log and view complaints, as well as take corrective and preventive actions.

Drive productivity and efficiency with personalized applications

From quality engineers to planners to inspectors to supervisors, everyone on your quality management team needs specialized software tools to do their jobs. Low-code lets manufacturers, such as Kaneka Malaysia, put the power to build personalized applications into the hands of their workers, no matter what level of development experience they have.

Cultivate a quality-first culture

Tying together quality management processes requires collaboration in every corner of the enterprise. Low-code applications efficiently tie together your data, devices, and processes so everyone and everything is working in unison. Product Release, for instance, documents each step of the release process, keeping all involved connected and informed.

Become a Composable Enterprise

The simplicity and dependability that good quality management relies on are also core qualities of the Composable Enterprise. To help you build quality management applications that take full advantage of the capabilities of the Composable Enterprise, the Mendix platform provides you with reusable, modular low-code components that connect with your core IT and OT investments.

Discover the perfect quality management tools for you

Mendix has a broad range of application templates and demos to simplify your quality management. For each step in the quality management process—R&D, supply chain management, make, and deliver and post-market—we have the tools you need to keep your systems running efficiently and dependably.

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