Menditect Pioneers the Power of Low-Code Test Automation

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Menditect is an IT services company. It provides low-code testing software and test automation tools for DevOps teams deploying Mendix-built applications.

The company’s team of testing specialists began as a unit of EGALiT, a Dutch-based Mendix reseller. It was spun-off an independent company in 2020. The firm became a Mendix ISV partner in 2021. Both organizations are headquartered in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

Menditect’s journey from Mendix reseller to ISV partner is closely linked with its parent company’s market reach and expertise in developing digital solutions for enterprises throughout Mendix’s digital ecosystem.

“In 2016 and 2017, we uncovered problems trying to build test automation software for large, business-critical applications running on the Mendix platform, “ said Markus Travaille, chief vision officer.

The available tooling was costly and time-intensive, leading Travaille’s team to build a custom test automation solution to remove production bottlenecks for EGALiT’s testing and deployment needs. In 2020, the company realized they could turn this solution into a product that would uniquely serve the larger ecosystem of Mendix customers.

Leading the field in low-code test automation

The automated testing solution developed by Menditect resolves the challenge facing many DevOp teams between prioritizing low-code’s rapid ability to create and deploy applications versus the operational needs to manually test backend issues such as field validation, data corruption, feature regressions, and API integrations.

By applying the principles of low-code’s model-driven abstraction, the Menditect solution automates complex testing tasks and aids collaboration between testers and developers. This solution enables high-quality, error-free, and cost-effective software deployment that accelerates time to market.

“This is critically important to enterprises using large portfolios of Mendix-built applications across their software landscape,” said Travaille.

Scaling fast without upfront investments

The company became a Mendix ISV partner in 2021, leveraging Mendix sales and marketing resources as well as sales channel partners. Menditect’s flagship product —Menditect Test Automation (MTA) — was built on the Mendix platform. The MTA tool — available on the Mx Marketplace, along with additional plug-ins — can be integrated with Mendix Studio Pro or used as a SaaS service.

“Mendix allows us to quickly update our product on our own timetable. We can scale fast without upfront investments and profit from sales of the Menditect solution across the ecosystem,” said Travaille. “This enables us to offer innovation as a core value to all our Mendix customers. This creates a durable ‘win-win’ partnership with Mendix.”

Enabling seamless deployment of high-quality software

Travaille envisions Menditect’s software adopted as natural extension of Mendix tooling worldwide.

“We want to stimulate and guide Mendix teams to embrace a quality culture,” said Travaille. “By providing tools that remove complexity, we will make it easy to measure and increase the quality of Mendix applications. In this way, the necessary investment to elevate and extend testing operations will become as easy as the click of a button.”

Partner for success  

The Mendix ISV Program is where commercial software ideas become lucrative outcomes. Partners across all industries can enhance existing commercial software solutions or create new enterprise-grade commercial solutions by monetizing their domain expertise and selling differentiated solutions built on the leading low-code platform. The program provides unique benefits to enable businesses from ideation through development, deployment, and maintenance of commercial software solutions built on the Mendix low-code platform.