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Meeting the Shifting Needs of Citizens, Employees, and Partners

Your audience is increasingly digital, expecting their interactions with their employer and their government to be consumer-grade and available across devices. Public Sector IT leaders are expected to respond to this transformative change while navigating the delicate balance of delivering solutions that are secure, flexible enough to adapt to changing legislation and political priorities, and economical in an era of constrained resources.

Mendix’s visual development approach, collaboration capabilities, and full application lifecycle support enable 10 times faster app delivery than traditional development approaches. These apps can seamlessly integrate with core systems, are secure, and can run on practically any cloud or on premises.

Mendix Customers in the Public Sector

Knowsley Council has committed to channel shift, directing hundreds of thousands of interactions away from in-person (£11 per interaction) and phone (£7 per interaction) to online (£0.12 per interaction). In only two years’ time, online interactions have increased from under 2 percent to over 35 percent, significantly reducing costs and putting the council on track to achieve its target of having 75 percent of transactions via the online channel by the end of 2020.

Knowsley Council
Brighton and Hove City Council
Ministry of Defence

Low-code Development for Diverse Goals

Governments and Agencies use the Mendix platform to deliver web and mobile apps across a range of use cases:

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