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Web and mobile applications have quickly become essential for universities and your IT resources are often focused on maintaining existing systems. Our low-code application development platform accelerates time-to-value so you can sustainably meet the ever-growing demands of students, faculty, and staff.

From streamlining administration to enabling new campus services, Mendix allows higher education institutions to build what they need in a much faster and more collaborative way.

Leading colleges and universities use Mendix to quickly build and continuously improve mobile applications and web portals. Our platform is uniquely designed to support rapid, iterative development by a broad range of users while ensuring that your university IT retains control.

With high expectations from students and staff, higher education institutions are using Mendix to:

  • Build resilient and innovative solutions

  • Improve student engagement

  • Improve efficiency and reusable components

  • Upgrade systems to increase accessibility

Upgrade Administrative Processes

Create seamless digital processes for students, faculty, and staff with low-code. Digital workflow tools, portals, and data aggregation keep your operations functioning as the workforce becomes more remote.

The University of Pennsylvania built their invoice reconciliation application that saves at least a week of one professional’s labor costs every month and generates more grants for their research.

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Make a Difference, Quickly

With Mendix’s low-code platform, colleges and universities can drive operational efficiency by rapidly re-engineering processes to deliver better outcomes across scheduling, billing, analytical, and administrative processes. Easily and continuously adapt your applications to keep pace with changing requirements.

North Carolina State University automated their registration process for no-credit classes with an IT-managed and PCI-compliant application within only 3 months development time instead of over 3 years.

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Enrich Student Engagement

Using Mendix, you can rapidly deliver multi-channel applications that improve campus efficiency. Empower students and faculty with self-service portals that reduce costs and improve loyalty. Provide a seamless experience across web, mobile, conversational UI, and whatever comes next.

Koç University built a portal — available on both desktop and mobile — that has improved COVID safety for thousands of students and helped ensure the campus could open according to local protocols.

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Trust Your Ingenuity

Prioritize security, data privacy, and compliance in every aspect — from our platform and the applications built on it, to our security operations. With Mendix Trust Portal and our security controls, we are continuously making our platform the kind of secure environment you can count on to help you meet the needs of the public.

Brigham Young University was able to cut down end-to-end development time for their student learning system by 28% and reduce application maintenance time from days to hours.

Watch video: Building Better Student Experiences by Improving Application Quality with Brigham Young University

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As an industry leader developing innovative technology solutions for digital universities, we—and our partners—are sought out to consult, implement, and provide services for integrated solutions that meet demanding digital transformation requirements of academia. The breadth of our strategic alliances and partner ecosystem in education provide a wealth of experience of highly trained Mendix developers.

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