Delivering A Mission-Critical Application to Manage Travel Disruptions with Dutch Railways

Dutch Railways is the principal passenger railway operator in the Netherlands. They run around 5,000 scheduled trains and serve over 1.3 million passengers a day. These numbers, combined with the high interconnectivity of the rail network, make timetable disturbances – such as failing trains or broken overhead lines – a tremendous challenge. The Customer Support team strives to reduce the impact for passengers in case of such disturbances and help them to reach their destination as easily as possible. The team determines alternative routes and arranges buses or taxis to get passengers to their destination, all of which used to take place in an application that communicated over text message. In this video, you’ll hear from Dutch Railways and First Consulting on:

  • Reaching end-of-life for the previous application, and the team’s desire to find a replacement while also improving the quality of the process.
  • Why the teams chose to pursue building a custom solution on Mendix and working in an Agile/SCRUM method.
  • How the final application, the ReisRegie+, came together, with key features providing an integral overview of the rail network, a messaging system and a uniform audit trail to reconstruct timelines and help evaluate.