Building Better Student Experiences by Improving App Quality with Brigham Young University

With a student body of over 30,000, Brigham Young University is one of the largest private colleges in the United States. Operating like a small city, the campus has everything from its own healthcare facilities to a police department. An organization of this size requires a decentralized but governed approach to building effective applications, which is exactly what Senior Director of BYU Apps, Paul Eden, and his team provides. For education students, the process of meeting state and federal teaching requirements includes collating information from various sources and tracking regular updates. To consolidate this information and provide students with a simplified view into their work, the team at BYU created the Educator PLS application. In this video, Eden shares how:

  • The team was able to cut down end-to-end development time for Educator PLS by 28% and reduce app maintenance time from days to hours by working in Mendix.
  • The combination of developing with low-code and deploying to the Mendix Cloud has led to improvements in quality and uptime
  • Eden’s IT organization enables other business units within the university to bring their application ideas forward and build them with Mendix.