Serve Citizens Better with Modern Tools

Digitalize your legacy processes and bring solutions to market quickly with low-code.

Keeping up with rapid change

Today, people are relying on public sector entities more than ever to make it through their day — whether it’s the reliability of safe travel or financial assistance to cover their housing costs.

The means of delivering public services has evolved in the last six months and will continue to do so. Low-code is helping organizations keep up with the rapid pace of change wile allowing for future innovation so that you address the evolving needs and expectations of your citizens

  • aerial shot of a square in Rotterdam

    City of Rotterdam

    Processed over 20,000 requests

  • an electric train in a station


    Reduced app development time

  • sunset behind the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool, England

    Knowsley Council

    Achieved £300,000 savings in the wake of budget reductions

  • aerial view of coastal road with scenic overlook

    City of Santa Cruz

    Streamlined 15 service portals into 1, improving citizen engagment

Meet people where they are

Adapt to the evolving needs of your partners, citizens, and employees.


Build and iterate with industry-leading functionality

Reduce the friction of integrating traditionally complex data sources and APIs With low-code, integrating new data and innovative functionality can be done by more members of your team in less time.

Building a Digital City

The Municipality of Rotterdam creates a native mobile app to digitize 2.5 million parking registrations per year.



Read more about the City of Rotterdam

Operate efficiently

Create seamless digital processes for employees and citizens with low-code. Digital workflow tools, portals, and data aggregation keep your operations functioning as the workforce becomes more remote.

Managing inflated demand with digital tools

The City of San Antonio replaces a manual financial aid application process with a digital solution. The digital application with built with low-code in just 12 days.

Learn more about the City of San Antonio

Deliver high-quality digital solutions

Create cross-device experiences that match user expectations and deliver value to your organization. Collaboration in Mendix allows business and technical users to align on citizen needs, first.

Legacy replacement improves users engagement

Knowlsey Council replaces outdated scheduling tools and gives citizens greater access and transparency into services.

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City of Rotterdam scales a low-code center of excellence

Rotterdam Delivers Relief

40+ apps live

6-8 week development times

£1-1.6M in value

What can you make with Mendix?

  • Mortgage Application Management

    Automated application processes helps deliver real-time results.

  • AI Face Recognition

    Machine learning and facial recognition provide immediate customer quotes.

  • Service & Maintenance Management

    Digital asset and product lifecycle management increase logistic visibility.