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Serve citizens better with the public sector low-code platform for digital transformation

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Mendix helps government organizations meet people where they are and adapt to the evolving needs of your partners, citizens, and employees. Digitalize your legacy processes and bring solutions to market quickly with low-code.

The impact of the global pandemic has led government organizations like yours to explore new ways to respond to the crisis. Increase accessibility of your core systems through legacy modernization and enable a responsive organization with multi-experience capabilities online and offline, in the cloud or on premises.

See examples of how organizations are using Mendix to respond to problems created by the pandemic in our article: Responding to COVID-19 With Rapid Application Development in the Public Sector

Keep up with rapid change with
flexible digital public services

  • Build resilient and innovative solutions

  • Improve the citizen experience

  • Improve operational efficiency with reusable components

  • Upgrade enterprise systems to increase accessibility

Modernize Your Enterprise Systems

Create cross-device experiences that match user expectations and deliver value to your organization. Collaboration in Mendix allows business and technical users to align on citizen needs, first.

Knowsley Council upgraded its scheduling tools with greater access to services, creating time savings of up to 98% per interaction.

Watch video: Knowsley Council Confronts 9-figure Budget Cuts with Channel Shift on Low-Code

Make a Difference, Quickly

Create seamless digital processes for employees and citizens with low-code. Digital workflow tools, portals, and data aggregation keep your operations functioning as the workforce becomes more remote.

The City of San Antonio replaced a manual financial aid application process with a digital solution in just 12 days.

Watch video: Distributing Critical Financial Aid and Making Citizen Life Easier with the City of San Antonio

Enrich Public Services

Reduce the friction of integrating traditionally complex data sources. With Mendix-built APIs, you can quickly enrich public services on top of existing enterprise systems and deliver innovative functionality in less time.

The City of Rotterdam digitized 2.5 million parking registrations per year with a mobile-native app and enriched their birth registration process with an online, secure digital portal.

Watch video: A Scalable Architecture Serving Over 650,000 Citizens with the City of Rotterdam

Trust Your Ingenuity

Prioritize security, data privacy, and compliance in every aspect — from our platform and the applications built on it, to our security operations. With Mendix Trust Portal and our security controls, we are continuously making our platform the kind of secure environment you can count on to help you meet the needs of the public.

Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) has developed 15 apps in 18 months providing enormous time saving from direct deployment, greater involvement of both business and IT, and effective management and maintenance.

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