Low-Code—Digital acceleration requires new ways of thinking

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Low-Code—Customized applications for business needs

In the Nordics, low-code is becoming more common. But does that mean that all tools/platforms that handle low-code can be equated with each other? Or is there a difference between them?

Gartner predicts that by 2024, 80% of all new applications will be built by people who are not full-time developers. At the same time, they see that businesses will use different tools for different needs. So, what does low-code really mean for the way we we procure new services and applications?

Watch this webinar (in Swedish only), where we look at the challenges we face in our digital transformation, how different low-code tools can be used for different challenges, and what might be important to consider. We also give examples of how other businesses have done this and the economic value that low-code created.