Simplifying Your Core Systems Refresh


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How to implement a modern core system at speed and scale

Insurance carriers have been stuck in a lather-rinse-repeat cycle of transforming their core systems. The benefits of core system refreshes are obvious: operational efficiency, bringing new products to market faster, and improving the agent or customer experience are only a few of the biggest drivers for change.

No matter the reason for the refresh or the environment, challenges and pitfalls arise. A successful core system transformation is complex and requires thoughtful planning. It requires asking:

  • Does my team really understand the options available?
  • Should we refresh all or part of the core?
  • How can we shave off months or years of implementation time?
  • Why isn’t this moving fast enough?
  • How do we address the gaps in functionality?
  • Does the user experience reflect my company’s voice and intentions?
  • Is there a better way?

The good news is, there is a better way. Sign up for a three-part webinar series on simplifying your core system refresh, hosted by Mendix with guest speakers from Novarica. During the webinars, industry experts from both organizations will discuss the entire core system refresh process, from best practices, to implementation, to user experience.


Webinar 1: Core System Modernization Trends and Best Practices
Available On-Demand
Speakers: Deb Zawisza and David Kuhn
This webinar will focus on best practices, trends, and pitfalls when implementing or consolidating core systems. Learn why it takes so long for core system transformation, how to determine which system to begin with, reasons to move to a modern system, and more.

Webinar 2: Core Systems Gaps – What’s Missing and How Do Insurers Fill in the Pieces?
Available On-Demand
Speakers: Jeff Goldberg and David Kuhn
Core insurance systems take up the majority of an insurer’s IT resources and budget, yet fail to support all of their capability needs. No single system can do it all, but there are best practices to follow while getting there. Insurers must decide between heavy configuration, specialized components, or custom development—or all of the above—on top of their already expensive efforts. This webinar will highlight the common gaps and issues with core system integration and how to overcome them.

Webinar 3: Core System UI – Building a Better Experience
Available On-Demand
Speakers: Martin Higgins and David Kuhn
In insurance, experience is everything. Traditionally, insurance carriers have relied on great human-to-human interactions to succeed, because insurance is built on trust, relationships and knowing that when a problem happens, a carrier will be there. Consumer-focused companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Apple have changed the way everyone thinks about experience. Now that customers prefer to interface through mobile and desktop UIs, insurance carriers need to catch up.

This webinar focuses on how to create customer experiences that continue the trust and reliability crucial to insurance carriers.