Xtream Debt Recovery

Accelerate the road to a more profitable debt recovery today!

Built as a component of our cloud billing platform, Xtream Debt Recovery is a powerful and easy solution designed to assist businesses in efficiently managing and recovering outstanding debts. Our tool helps organizations streamline their debt recovery process by organizing the follow-up activities and findings done by account executives in charge of each group of customers with due debts, allowing them to optimize the usage of resources.

This application combines an easy overview of each customer’s financial situation, fed by their respective billing systems, with a flexible setup of workflow activities segregated by roles and customer groups. Managers, supervisors, and account executives each have different responsibilities and are assignable across different areas. This solution is ideal for any medium or small business looking to streamline debt recovery operations with a very fast implementation time.

  • Efficiency

    Optimize debt collection operations by automating monotonous tasks and streamlining workflows.

  • Improved Cash Flow

    Promptly recover outstanding debts to optimize cash flow and maintain financial stability.

  • Enhanced Customer Relationship

    Maintain positive interactions with debtors through personalized communication and professional debt recovery practices.

  • Customizable Processes

    Make the debt recovery procedure fit your company’s needs by defining steps, assigning tasks, and setting reminders.

  • Open Segmentation

    Our application provides the flexibility to group account cases by industry, debtor behavior, value, or any other parameter crucial to your business.

  • Data Analytics and Reporting

    Gain valuable, real-time insights by tracking key metrics, monitoring progress, and identifying areas for improvement to optimize efforts.

  • Integration Capabilities

    Seamlessly integrate with existing systems, enhancing efficiency by consolidating data and streamlining workflows across different platforms.

Solution Integrations

  • ERP

    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the software system that automates and manages core business processes, coordinating the flow of data between a company’s business processes, providing a single source of truth, and streamlining operations across the enterprise.

  • Billing Systems

    A digital tool designed to automate and manage the creation, distribution, and tracking of invoices and bills for goods and services. It simplifies the financial transactions between businesses and their clients by generating detailed and accurate invoices, tracking payments, sending reminders for overdue payments, and maintaining records of all transactions.

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