Mendix World Diamond Sponsor Spotlight: Bizzomate Builds Sophisticated Low-Code Solutions

Mendix World 2021 is rapidly approaching and for the second year in a row, the biggest low-code gathering in the galaxy will be held virtually, giving attendees the opportunity to attend sessions from any screen, anywhere. With over 85 sessions to choose from spread over three days, leaders will be sharing everything from demo’s and deep-dives, to how customers and users are assembling better solutions with low-code.

Bizzomate, a Diamond Sponsor and long-time, high-performing Mendix partner, is one such leader who, along with having a booth at this year’s conference (more on that below), will be sharing how they worked with AZL Pensions to create a pension portal which allows customers to gain a dynamic understanding of their contributions beyond a single annual report.

Who is Bizzomate?

Based in the Netherlands, Bizzomate has spent eight years in the low-code space, helping their clients create “sophisticated software solutions” for difficult business challenges, systemically or otherwise. Their client list is drawn from several industries, including financial services, manufacturing, and construction, throughout parts of Northern and Western Europe – Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Germany. In fact, Bizzomate was named the top EMEA Cloud Partner of the Year and the Top Europe North Cloud Partner of the Year. Together, Bizzomate and Mendix are creating powerful solutions and driving business transformation for customers like Royal IHC, TBI, AZL, Agristo, and DSM.

Over the course of their existence as a company, they’ve transformed from being “Mendix hands” to being business brains, partnering with customers to solve some of their most complex problems, including the struggle to stay successful in a fast-changing world. Using a 4D approach, Bizzomate sets out to discover their client’s core problems, define and design a solution, then “do” it using Mendix, all while performing continuous value assessments to ensure valuable and sustainable results. The outcome of this approach is that their clients see Mendix as a platform for all their problems rather than just a one-time solution.

Catch Bizzomate at Mendix World

For Bizzomate, Mendix World is the event of the year – a chance to connect with partners, customers, and peers over comparable problems they may be facing, and hear use cases from other industries who are solving similar issues in different ways. It’s an opportunity to see how others take full advantage of low-code solutions, and in turn, share about the solutions they’ve created for customers.

In one such session, Bizzomate will be sitting down with pension provider, AZL to chat about how they set out to make every customer touchpoint as frictionless as possible, especially in the world of pension funds, when there are typically very limited interactions to begin with. They’ll cover how the most important action in the lifetime of a participant is when he or she plans to go into retirement, which often means that a lot of rather complex and important choices have to be made, and how together, Bizzomate and AZL created a pension planning portal where participants can compare different scenarios and make the best choices for themselves. They will also examine how pain points, such as lack of clear information, as well as too little communication, had historically left customers feeling unsettled, and how they used that feedback to create a portal that proactively communicates account activity with customers, providing a frictionless customer experience. You can catch this session on Thursday September 9 at 16:50 PM CET/10:30 AM ET.

Lastly, Bizzomate will have their own virtual booth where attendees will receive valuable low-code insights via an introduction video and learn “Why Bizzomate?” They will also share customer cases and a white paper called “8 Lessons Learned in Low-Code > How to Leverage Low-Code Technology to Create Real Business Value.” Attendees can schedule time to talk with experts from Bizzomate about the challenges they’re facing. With a variety of representatives available — from architects and analysts, to techies, Mendix MVPs, designers, and agile coaches — there is sure to be someone who can answer your questions.

See you at Mendix World 2021!